Monday, July 15, 2013

From My Youngest Sister's Facebook Page....

"Two years ago today I woke up in the morning and realized my water had broken.I was scared because it was too early. 5 weeks early to be exact! Mike rushed home from work and we went to the hospital. At around 10:30 our sweet Zoey came into the world. She was so quiet and I didn't know what was going on. I later found out that she wasn't breathing. After being in the hospital for 9 days with jaundice,fluid in her lungs being on oxygen having a feeding tube and being under the special lights to help her jaundice our baby finally came home! These last 2 years have been filled with some frustration as she has had 1 eye surgery and been to different doctors to try to figure out her developmental delay and what we can do to help her start to walk, talk and do all the things a 2 year old should be doing. But most of all the last 2 years have been filled with love. It can be a very frustrating day especially since Zoey can't tell us what she wants or needs but once she smiles it makes it all worth it! So thank you Zoey you've taught me patience! I love you Zoey Dannielle Hoffmann! You're beautiful and I wouldn't change you for the world! Happy Birthday baby girl!"

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