Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Think I Forgot....

I forgot to post about this, and while I'm sure it won't make anyone as excited as I am about it... the kids found out they are having a baby boy!

They painted the baby's room today and while I was chatting with our son on the phone he told me that they are going to do an "old school" video game vibe in the room.

I am SO excited about the quilts this will lead me to make.  I decided 4 crib quilts to get the little tyke started should be a sufficient beginning.  

I am going to make a Pacman quilt.  I've seen a couple of them here and there but nothing like what I have in my brain so it will be one of those that I sort of design as I go.  I'm also going to make a Mario quilt something like the one found on this page Mario Quilt.  My son requested an old school Nintendo controller looking quilt so I'll be doing that too.  Now I just have to decided what the other one will be.  I'm thinking maybe going really old school and doing an Atari game or two in a quilt.  Or I might go with Donkey Kong, that's a really good old school game.

I can't wait!  First I have to finish the two commission quilts I'm working on.  I ordered the fabric that I need to finish up the Wonky Stars and I got 3 of the Wonky Squares made over the weekend between all of the running around and not wasting the nice weather that we did.  I think as soon as the fabric gets here I'm only 4 or 5 really good 8-10 hour sewing days away from having that one done.  The Wonky Square one will go together much faster I think, I just have to decide how I'm going to sash the blocks to break up SO much bright pink.

Now, since there aren't any pictures in this post....

I like how they put the arrow and the words "Boy Parts" under the picture! :D

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Little Penpen said...

Congrats! four quilts should be a good start. LOL