Sunday, August 18, 2013

Starting out...

Today's post will jump from topic to topic.  Since that is usually how my brain works I'll be right at home.

First off in an effort to keep it real, or make myself actually get things accomplished, I haven't decided which yet, I'm going to blog every day for a while, showing progress on what I'm working on at the beginning of each post, that way I can actually see how much I'm getting done.

Reagan's quilt, where I started today.  Truthfully this is probably where I'll start tomorrow too since I usually don't do much in the sewing area on Sundays.

Next is a group shot from our son & D-I-L's house yesterday for the baby shower.  We look like a well fed group don't we?  

Hubby, daughter and youngest son and I are on the left.  Oldest son is the one in the green shirt with his preggy wife in front of him. DIL's daddy is the one in the back with a baseball cap and a dark blue shirt on.   Her mom is the one between her and me. This was not well planned, it was more of a "okay group shot!  Everyone go stand over there!" moment.  There were more people but some had to leave earlier and some couldn't make it.

We were going to do a funny second picture but my youngest had to do what he always does and photobomb.  You wouldn't believe how many family pictures have him doing the same exact thing. :D

Immediate goals:
Regan's quilt
Find and quilt something for Jadin (since I was told he would not like anything with flowers in it at all)
August Stash Bee blocks

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