Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And more progress...

This quilt top is still giving me fits!  I had to tear out a bunch of seams yesterday too.  I have no idea why this is so hard for me.... it is just straight sewing but I keep missing the alignment.  It's nuts!  At least the center is done and I can work on the ends and borders today, simple strip piecing.  YaY!

Also the proposed quilt for the boy child was a good choice so after I finish this top I'm going to sandwich them both (I have to piece a back for the pink one) and get them quilted and delivered early next week!

My next project is a quilt for a guy that I am going to try and finish by Thanksgiving to hand over to him.  Then I have another memory quilt or two once I can get together with the people who want them and go through some clothing.  Seems like the rest of my year is all planned out as far as sewing projects! :D

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Michele said...

Well I guess it is always great to have plenty to keep you busy.