Monday, September 9, 2013

Another finish (but no pictures yet)

So I finished the second of the three quilts that I'm making for Natalie.  Jayden's quilt was a top that I already had done, I just quilted it up and just now finished the binding on it.  This is a peek of what the quilting looks like from the back:

The other great thing that happened this weekend is what is on hubby's knitting needles at the moment.  He's making me an Irish Walking scarf!  I can't wait for it to be done and then to be cold enough for me to wear it!

I'm so glad that he can use all the knitting stuff I got when I was going to learn to knit.  I got to frustrated with it (I really am a fabric person!) all and he's put it to good use.  He learned to knit when he was just a kid so I'm happy it is a hobby he's taken back up.  He might just use up the yarn we have in this lifetime.  He's already made himself a really nice scarf that he wore most of last winter.

Tomorrow I plan to get the back for the third quilt all pieced and then get it sandwiched and possibly the quilting started.  I have a quilting plan and I found the PERFECT hot pink quilting thread!

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DangAndBlast! said...

Love it :) back in the "sexist" fifties my father was taught to knit in school (the home ec class was later removed because teaching everybody to sew and cook irritated some women's group - true story! apparently as long as girls were among the students it was a bad thing to teach) - he still remembers how, and I remember him correcting my form when I was teaching myself how :)