Thursday, September 26, 2013


I've been slowly but surely working on borders on the churn dash quilt top.  I have two more sides of the solid Kona Pepper border that came after the flying geese and then I'll probably do some checkerboards then another solid border.  After that I'll work on the trip around the world quilt top.  Once they are done I'll get them both sandwiched and ready for quilting and THEN I'll work on a couple of baby quilt tops for Korben.  The baby quilts will get quilted first and then I'll quilt the big ones.  Hopefully by then my back issues will be over and I can sit and do it all comfortably.

This morning all of the scarves, stocking caps, gloves and other cold weather wear came out and went in the wash for a de-dusting.  This was the first morning we got up and it was 40 degrees so I think our cold weather is really here now.  The only part about that that I don't like is the electric bill.  The heater is running full bore.

Hubby might go on strike.  I've been putting out feelers about jobs, in case worse comes to worse.  The union that he belongs to always seems to get everyone to a fever pitch and then they end up getting a contract at the last minute so all the worry and stress was for nothing.  Hubby seems to think that this time they might actually go out on strike since the employers are actually really threatening a lot of their benefits this time, at least according to the union.  We'll see.  At least the youngest has a job and I can get one if I need to so I'm sure things will be fine, even if they do get a little more lean than they are right now.

Anyway, off to get some border sewing done!  At least I have my happy place (the sewing area) to retreat to!

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