Friday, September 13, 2013

Free Motion Friday and Planning......

The one thing I have learned is that to FMQ on this machine I just have to accept that the only thread it likes for that purpose is shiny, slick, poly embroidery thread.

After I finished that center portion where I was having such difficulty with my off white Aurafil thread tangling and missing stitches and just being a general nuisance I switched to the hot pink embroidery thread that I had purchased to quilt the rest of the quilt in (I love to use that thread when there is a lot of black solid in the quilt) and I haven't had one single issue.

Sadly I can't quilt everything with machine embroidery thread to I will have to get another machine that will quilt with cotton thread but for now I am in a land of rainbows and butterflies where all is right in my quilty little world.  So I have about 1/5 of the quilt FMQed as I start today.  Here's a picture:

After I get this quilted and the binding done I just have to make labels for all three quilts, do a really good photo session and then get them to their new owners.  After that.....

Another quilt for Korben.  I have already pulled the fabric and I'm ready to get sewing on it as soon as these commissioned quilts are done!

After that another commission maybe if I have the fabric by then.  It is going to be another memory quilt but I don't know any specifics yet, only that I'm using clothing and I'm supposed to go and help choose what will go into the quilt.

The other 2 projects that are uppermost in my need to get done list is the quilt that will have the center medallion of Trip Around the World postage stamps and the Churn Dash quilt out of Global Bazaar and Kona Pepper that I only need to add 2 or 3 more borders to make it big enough.

Today I think if I stick with it for the full 8 hours I can get almost all of the quilting on the pink quilt done now that my machine is working correctly and I can actually cook with Crisco on it! ;)  Have a great weekend everybody!

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Teresa said...

Have you tried Glide polyester thread or Connecting Threads pro-Essential polyester thread? Both are wonderful for quilting. I prefer quilting with polyester thread rather than cotton thread, and many, if not most, long-arm quilters frequently use polyester thread.