Monday, September 30, 2013

Par For The Course.....

As usual I went out to "organize" (as much as chaos can be organized) my sewing space and get the next project ready to roll, only to change my mind completely about what I was going to work on next.  I think this means I am wishy-washy or maybe just scatterbrained.

With one flimsy on a hangar..... This Churn Dash flimsy is my ALYOF goal for the month. 

I hope to get it completely quilted, bound and done!

The above pic is missing the last solid black border that I added.

My plan was to work on the top for the surprise quilt that I want to get done by Thanksgiving.  That one has taken a back seat to another project however.  First though, in my effort to "keep it real" this is my UFO shelf.  If it is a pile of fabric for a planned quilt, a half finished or nearly finished flimsy it is in this stack, minus the one I'm working on next.

There are over 50 projects right there, about a dozen of them could be finished in a day or two, the others will take a bit longer and some are just fabric stacks waiting for me to cut into them and start the project that is in my brain.

Now, on the very bottom of that stack was this... my next project.  Why it was on the bottom is that I think it is sorta ugly.  Hubby insists that it is not ugly but I think it is. :D  Anyway since it is almost done I'm just going to finish it and add it to our quilt stack.  I need to piece 2 more of the white background Jacob's Ladder blocks and I think they are actually completely cut out Then I'll sew it all together and get it quilted.  It started as a quilt as you go project but I am just gonna finish the top around the part that is already quilted and then quilt whatever's left all together with easy straight lines, since that's how I started.  So by Tuesday night we'll have a new quilt in our stack THEN I'll get back to my original plans for the week.

Weekly Goals Sept. 30-Oct. 4
Jacob's Ladder utility quilt done.
Get surprise quilt top done I'm 1/3 of the way there
Get Churn Dash sandwiched and ready for quilting
Get surprise quilt sandwiched

Monthly Goals October

Get Jacob's Ladder utility quilt done
Get Churn Dash done and listed in the Etsy shop
Get surprise quilt done and ready to gift
Start on Wedding quilt
Start on Memory quilt for Patty
Finish one more quilt for Korben (I have 4 planned I just need to pick which one I'll do)

Non-quilty goals for October
Paint and rearrange our bedroom
Lose 5 pounds


Little Penpen said...

Silly girl, it's not ugly. And a Redskins fan would LOVE it. ;))

Missy Shay said...

I love your churn dash quilt!

Michele said...

It sounds like you need to make a list of all of them and work your way down, one at a time. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of Goals for October. Not sure which one is your lovely finish goal, but good luck with all of them!