Monday, September 2, 2013

Some progress...

After two days of ripping out seams because I did something wrong (still not sure what but it just wasn't right) this is what I have so far of Reagan's quilt.  I have more of it cut and I'm going to sew as late as possible tonight and then jam on it tomorrow.  I need 3 more rows then borders.  I'm working hard to get it ready to quilt by tomorrow night then I'll jam on the quilting (all straight line thank goodness!) over the next couple of days and hopefully get it done over the weekend and get labels on both quilts.

Then.... I'm trying to think of something for the young man.  I was going to enlarge this:

for him but it has flowers and things in the fabric so I was told that wasn't a great plan (this means I get to enlarge it and keep it for myself!) so I am either going to do a super hero quilt or a "man" quilt for him.  I have this that might work if he likes the "man" quilt concept.  It just needs to be sandwiched and quilted:

Or if that fails I have Batman and Spiderman material.  Or I could just do a quilt top in his favorite colors out of solids.  We'll see what his aunt says, in the mean time... I'm back to working on the wonky squares!

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