Thursday, October 17, 2013

Memory Quilt Progress and PIE!

My daughter is the baker in the family.  She said a few days ago she needed unsalted butter and Granny Smith apples so she could try a new pie recipe.  She made one with a lattice crust on top and decided it wasn't "right" though it all got eaten in 2 days!  So yesterday she made another and when she pulled it out of the oven I just had to take a picture it was so pretty!  She makes the best crusts I have ever tasted too!  Normally I do not like apple pie but this recipe is okay so I had a sliver of a slice with some ice cream.  Gimme lemon meringue, pecan or cherry pie and I'm all in, apple in about 2 bite doses.  it is really pretty pie though! 

On the quilty front, now that I've made you all hungry for pie....

I have been working on the memory quilt for my son's MIL's father, made out of her mother's clothing.  It is going pretty good.  I'm making crazy quilt blocks, quilt as you go at 12.5 inches square in groups of 3 and then doing the embroidery then piecing the next three and so on.  That way I don't get bored just doing one thing.  I have three completely done and the next three getting pieced.

Right now I just stabilized the first sleeve of the shirt that has to be in the quilt.  I'm going to cut flying geese from as much of the fabric as I can stabilize and use and then use the yellow pants that also have to go in as the background for geese.

This was the last outfit her mom wore so she wanted it in the quilt for sure.  I figure I'll make the geese fly up through the quilt, sorta like this... keep in mind this is NOT a good thingy since I just threw it together in 20 seconds in paint shop but you can get the idea of where I'm going I think...

Anyway, that's it for me.  Still no word on the job but my DIL who works there said it might be next week before I know anything so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.  Also we're not sure if hubby is going on strike or not yet either so everything is just way up in the air still around here.  I don't really enjoy all this uncertainty but I'm trying not to stress about it since I can't do anything about it anyway! :-D

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