Monday, October 14, 2013

No Cheese With My Whine

Whine:  I fouled up my back, or actually it wasn't fixed from the last time but I made it worse.  I need to go to the Dr. and see why it isn't getting better this time.  I don't wanna go!  -end whine.

My youngest son's girl friend was visiting from San Jose this last weekend.  I picked her up at the airport on Wednesday and got her settled in her hotel.  She could have stayed with us but we don't really have room to put anyone up so we literally saw very little of our son from the moment he got off work on Wednesday until I took them back to the airport to drop her off yesterday afternoon.  We did meet up for dinner on Saturday and they spent a little time out here with us yesterday so we got to visit with her too.  She's a sweet girl and I for one hope they can make this long distance thing work out.

As for what's going on in the sewing room.

Mostly a mess, but a little progress.  If I can talk myself into going out there to work on it today I will likely get 2-5 blocks done, depending on how long I am willing to sit in the hard chair with my back feeling this way.

My work table = disaster area:

My pressing table is looking like this:

Hubby had to stop on Saturday on his way home from work and get me some different needles to try since my embroidery thread kept breaking while I was doing the embroidery on the one of these that is done:

The memory quilt squares are taking shape.  I'm going to sash them together using a quilt as you go sashing method.  There are so many clothes that I'm going to make two quilts this way and then I'll see what I can do as far as the scrappy trip one, I might just forget about that idea and make only the two crazy quilts.  We'll see.  I know I have to make at least two quilts and I'm liking the way these blocks are going together.  I do need to go and get more colors of embroidery thread but I'll worry about that once I get all the blocks pieced and then I'll do the embroidery.

Happy Monday!

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