Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Boredom

We found out this morning that hubby will be on strike starting Monday night at 7 P.M. unless there is some serious movement from the grocery chains over the weekend in negotiations.

Needless to say, I am a little stressed over it today.  I also didn't get a call about any of the applications or the interview I went on.  I have word that they are still looking for enough people to fill the training class so maybe not getting a call yet isn't a big deal.  I am going to call my contact in H.R. on Monday morning just to check in and see what is happening with it.

Today I have been working on the memory quilt a little and now I'm putting a back together for the Churn Dash quilt so I can get it sandwiched and get started on the quilting and get it in my Etsy shop.

Probably tomorrow I'll get my bee blocks done so they can go in the mail on Monday.

Now to try and NOT be stressed.

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Michele said...

Being stressed at times like this is normal. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly.