Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whew! What a Weekend!

I think I can probably explain most of it with a picture so I'll show you that first.....

That's me.  Proud Grandma of Korben this morning.  We were at our son's house having coffee Sunday and catching up when his wife texted him from the bathroom.  He was in there quite a while and when he came out he told us we could finish our coffee but he needed to make a couple phone calls.  When he headed for the bathroom after she texted him, hubby and I shared a "yay! It's time!" look. 

Both sets of Grandparents and the soon to be Aunts and Uncles arrived at the hospital to wait later that evening and we all stayed until Korben was born Monday at around 1:00 P.M. in the afternoon, with quick trips home to take care of dogs and in my case a quick 5 minute shower.  We got to see him but not hold him then we all went home to sleep!

This morning proud Auntie Tasha and I went over to see the three of them and I got to hold a him a little bit.  Tasha said "You need to wait to give him to me until he hardens up a little!"  She panicked a little when I handed him to her anyway.

In other news I got my offer letter last week and accepted it and went for my drug test and did all the stuff for my pre-employment background check and all that stuff and today I got the official "be here at this time and do all this stuff before hand" so I officially start work on Monday the 4th!  Woot!  HUGE upside is I have to go almost right past where my son lives on my way home so I can stop and hold the baby anytime I want!!  I will probably control my urges though since I don't want my daughter in law to hate me and get sick of me. :-D  I try to be the 'she's not a nuisance' mother in law.

So that's what's up here.  No sewing going on but I think I had pretty good reasons.  I still need to catch up on some sleep but I'm thinking of heading back to the hospital to visit a bit more this evening since I didn't get to stay very long this morning.


Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful weekend! Congratulations. Enjoy that little angel.

Michele said...

Wow-wie! That is fantastic news and you look over the moon happy. Congratulations grandma. No sewing lately is certainly understandable but hopefully with the new kidlet and the new job you'll find some time here and here for your sewing machine time.