Sunday, February 23, 2014


Time is flying!

I'm still alive.  Today I finally have time to come into the sewing room and get something done.  I pulled fabric for the two swaps I have to get done and in the mail by end of month.  I need to go hit the fabric store though, not enough "blenders" for one of the blocks (which is actually 4 blocks).  I also hope that my printer has ink in it and I can print the paper piece patterns that I need to get the one project done.

In other news, I am about half done piecing the two mini tops I talked about in my last post.  My weekends have been eaten up with last minute home repairs.  Isn't it funny how "extra" money is never really extra because the dishwasher breaks, then the washing machine breaks, then the hot water tank leaks all over and completely ruins the flooring in your bedroom then the car won't start... the list goes on and on and so all that "extra" money gets spent fixing things?

Okay enough negative Nelly thinking!

Here is the latest Korben picture for your viewing enjoyment.. and just cuz I am the proudest Grammy ever to walk the earth... in my own mind anyway!

I can't believe he is already 17 weeks old!  Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 days I will have something to show from the sewing room.  

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Michele said...

Those extra expenses always stink. I hope you've gotten a little sewing time in.