Saturday, August 16, 2014

Memory Quilt Crazy Blocks

Today is a day where I just get to sew.  True, I might have to go out later since "there is no food Mom!!" (I always manage to find something to make for them when this comes up) but until then, I get to work on this project that is near and dear to my heart, because it is near and dear to the heart of someone I love.

I'm working on getting these embroidered today.  The backs of the blocks are made from the tee shirts of the lady who's clothes these are made from.  You can see my flying geese beginnings also.  These are made from the last outfit she wore and it was specially requested that I make sure to use that outfit prominently.  I am going to make them "fly" up the quilt.  This will be Queen sized when I'm done.

This is a true labor of love.  I have to stabilize everything before I can cut and start stitching since the clothes are all different types of fabric.  I think that part and the embroidering are taking the longest, even though I am doing the embroidery on my machine.  Joining the blocks is also going to be a bear, with a lot of hand stitching on the back of the quilt, but now that I am starting to see the big picture I think this one is going to be something that the family can treasure.  My goal is the end of August, but I'm thinking with the joining of the blocks and then a special border I have planned it is going to be more like mid to late September.  If I can manage to avoid overtime at work.  If I can manage to get into the sewing room for a couple of hours every evening after I get in from work.

This quilt is making me think a lot about my Grandma that taught me how to sew.  So it has been a memory quilt for me too.

I also finally found the charger for my camera, so after this, no more cell phone pictures!  My son had it on his mess of a desk.  Why?  I don't have any idea. 

Go hug someone you love.

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