Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I've been sewing!  YaY!!  Not much will get done today since I have a ton of errands to run and then I go back to work tomorrow but here is what's been happening.

I got my July blocks for Stash Bee done, finally!  The first one was sort of weird on the corners but I'm sending them both anyway.

Then I did some cream, white and beige Flying Geese for August's queen.  I might make more before I send these:

And I finally got the binding on Dana's cube quilt done so I can take that in tomorrow, if I remember....

And I got a lot of cutting of clothing done for more blocks for the memory quilt.  That is what I'm working on this afternoon and evening when I get home from my errands.  I think I might get to go see the adorable grand as well.

He loves cell phones so he was trying to steal mine.... "Grammy!  Can I have it??"

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