Monday, September 1, 2014

Paid Day Off means Quilt Progress!

Got some done today!  Also... 2 posts in one day??  

My least favorite part of quilt as you go...... the one seam on the back that I have to hand stitch for each sashing section:

I'm so glad I was born into the era with sewing machines.  If I had to hand stitch everything I'd likely go crazy.. although I guess if that was all I knew I wouldn't know any better huh?

I got a group of 3 blocks attached and another sashing sewn on the front.  I am also planning the next set of 4 blocks so lots of looking at fabric and deciding what to do.

I think this group of three on the right and then another group added to the bottom and a group at the top, that way my Geese come out symmetrical.

Back to work tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon when I get home I'll get my Stash Bee commitment done so that I can spend the following days working on this memory quilt.  I'm happy with the way it is shaping up!

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