Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday? No Thank You.

I admit, the only thing that temped me was the 30% off at The Intrepid Thread.  I went, I looked, I went out and looked at the piles of unfinished projects and piles of fabric that are not even slated for projects yet and I controlled myself.  Not an easy task and I barely managed.

Today the spousal unit had to be at work at 6:30 so I got up about 30 minutes later than my "usual" time of 4:30 AM, even though I have a 4 day weekend I'm going to try and stay close to my normal schedule so that Monday I'm not dying.

Craft Fair projects...

My daughter has made a ton of bracelets in 4 different lengths and several widths.  These pictures do not come close to doing them justice and I will get better pictures with my hubby's fancy camera once we have our booth set up on Thursday.

My projects:

I pulled this vintagey looking baby/lap project out.  About 1/2 of it was cut out (5 inch charms so this one was a square by square project) and 5 or 6 of the blocks were made so after I made my prototype cup cozy (picture down further) I finished this top yesterday and I pin based it and started the quilting this morning. It is mostly 30's repro fabric that I bought some charms of years ago and it has been sitting as an almost project for years so I added some natural muslin sashing and went for it.

Cup cozies:  I looked around the internet and found several tutorials but didn't really see what I wanted to do so I did what I had to..... I went to Starbucks and sacrificed myself by getting an Eggnog latte, brought it home and took the cardboard sleeve and opened it up then did some trimming so I'd have a pattern.  Here is my prototype, the others are mostly cut out and will be some quick in between sewing today.

Now I gotta quit quilting the baby quilt for a while and get all the stuff out of the bathroom because we are finally going to gut it and remodel it this weekend!!  I'm so happy and excited!  I've had a new toilet and shower stall sitting in the middle of my living room for the last week and now they will finally get installed!  I also have to move everything from my dinning room to... who knows where since we are moving a wall to accommodate the very large shower fixture we got.  I am confident we can do it in a weekend... I am. Confident.

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Michele said...

I didn't shop either. Not one bit. I realized while putting things away a few weeks back that I have more than enough fabric and planned projects to keep me busy for quite a while so I'm going to work on actually getting those made instead of acquiring more.