Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Can't Believe It Is Already November

..... and I'm still not done with this Memory Quilt!

But, I only have 2 pieced borders left to make and then quilting and binding and I'm done.  I get to work on it this whole weekend and I'm hoping that by Monday I can deliver it.  If I am REALLY diligent I could have it done by tomorrow evening so that is the plan.

I've already pretty much told everyone not to bother me so we'll see how that goes.

Korben turned 1 year old on Tuesday.  Time is flying there as well.  My son posted a video of Korben playing with his stuffed Batman 'dolls' and Korben grabbed one and clear as day, in the low gravely voice the kid says "Batman...!"  then proceeds to have a conversation with Batman in that same gravelly voice. 

It's amazing really how quickly time flows. 

Now enough procrastination.  Pictures in a couple of days I hope of a quilt that I am becoming more and more proud of as it nears completion.  I only hope the family it is for will like it as much I do.

Have a sew-ful weekend everyone!

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