Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Finish!

I squeaked it in just under the wire!  Finished 1/30/2015 at around 9 PM.

But before we get to that, here is my "other" finish.  This one is a new utility or modern kilt that I finshed on the 31st for hubby.  This one is made from Duck Cloth and is super heavy duty.  He loves it! :)  I don't think he was really into the picture taking business based on the expression on his face. LOL!

Jacob's Ladder.  Approx. 69 inches square.  This one has been sitting around more than 5 years.  Yay ME!!  I put it on my bed and went... "huh, that isn't ugly at all!"  Yeah, it was sitting on the shelf because I didn't like it. At. All.  Now I am done with it I actually like it a lot!!

Pictures are front and back.  Made from a couple of prints that reminded me of civil war era looking prints, quilters muslin for the ivory fabric and the gold solid is a cotton/poly mix that I thought was cotton, until I started ironing it.  Straight line quilted and I still have to trim the thread ends but it is bound and on my bed so that's all that really matters!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful finish! I knew you could do it. I remember your pre-photo and it's so great to see this finished one. Congratulations. Thanks for not embedding your comment box, so I could leave a comment!

Little Penpen said...

Yay! for a January finish! pretty!

Michele said...

Yeah to you on the finish!

Fleurette said...

It's beautiful! a great finish.