Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday quick post!

Just a quick one today!

We went and looked at what will be my anniversary present for this year yesterday. No one had it in stock yet but the local sew and vac had one set up so I played for half an hour and fell in love! The Grace Qnique!  Hubby was ready to show them the money yesterday so I could come home with one but they are back ordered everywhere.  I am patient!  I didn't think I'd be getting a quilter until January 2016 so I can wait til they get that beauty in stock!

On the sewing front. I am about 10 pins short to finish pin basting this. ......

The wedding quilt!  Wedding is last Sunday in July so I better get quilting! I think I can!  I've very happy I got enough fabric to make one of these for us also! I love it!!

That's it for me right now.... ;)