Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 2015!

Since I can't seem to keep up on this thing with any regularity I'll give you a quick update post. 

Still working a lot.  My sister just had a baby so we are getting my Mama up here to spend a week to help take care of her and the new baby.

Speaking of their new baby, they had a baby shower in mid September and I finished this for the baby, Mason.

I had the top up in my UFO pile all done and just the right size so all I had to do was make a back and get it quilted.  The letters on the back were in my Grandma's cedar chest and I try to include some of the fabric that was in there when I got it in all of her great-grandbaby's quilts.

The other project I finally finished is my oldest son's Crazy Quilt!  I gave it to him a couple of weeks ago and he is SO happy with it.  So am I!!  I again thank all the Stashbee ladies who sent me blocks!

Last but not least.  Tomorrow is Boss's Day so back in June I had everyone on the team I'm on sign some white quilt blocks and I turned them into a  quilt for our boss!  I think she is really going to be happy with it. 

That's it from here for now!  I have one more quilt to get done this month but it is going to be a really quick and easy kid quilt so hopefully I can have it ready to go on the quilter by the end of Sunday. 

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Little Penpen said...

Wow! You have been busy!! I love the baby quilt... the crazy quilt is AWESOME...and your boss is lucky to have you!!! All are so beautiful!