Sunday, November 29, 2015

Korben's Superhero Quilt

First, is Superhero one word or two? Super Hero.  I guess it doesn't matter.  Anywho....

I finished Korben's second quilt and came up with this brilliant plan to make him a quilt every 2 years.  I am thinking this way he can "remember" what he was into at certain ages and also when I die (hopefully not for another 40 years or so since my family is traditionally long lived) he will have LOTS of quilts from his Gramma.

Without further ado, Korben and his quilt. :)

Ironman Approves

 Peeking around the back.

He's loved Batman since he was a teeny thing so the back is Batman.

The front is Marvel Heros.  :)  This is his "cheese" smile.

Pretty sure he likes it since we spent a long time looking at all the characters and then built a fort out of it. :)

Next up I'm going to finish free motion quilting the Churn Dash on my regular sewing machine since that is where I started it, and I have to keep changing to different thread colors which is a pain in the neck on the mid-arm.  After that I have a Spider Man quilt that I need to finish for our brother in law.

It sure feels good to be finishing all these things that have been sitting on my shelf as "started" projects!

That's it from here for now!


Little Penpen said...

How beautiful!! I need to make new quilts for my grandsons... they still sleep with their baby quilts and both are outgrowing them quickly!! (or dare I say, they have already outgrown them!) said...

So beautiful! A quilt is so huge that even when Korben will grow up he will be able to use it as well)) I think it is really great idea to make a new quilt every 2 years!

Michele said...

Yeah to you. It looks great and I'm betting that he will treasure it no matter how old he is.