Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Laid Plans.....

My last post was so hopeful... 

I really am smiling as I write this blog post.  I had all these big plans to finish things but then my son, who sleeps in one half of the sewing/craft/storage/junk room is now working nights, which means I leave for work, he comes home, fiddles around on his computer for a while then goes to sleep and doesn't wake up until 6 PM.  Basically I try to go to bed by 7 PM so not much is getting accomplished on the sewing front. Oh well.

I've been lazy this last week.  I have the week off and the hubby was supposed to have it off as well but last minute his backup at his job got very ill and so he has had to work.  When I say I've been lazy I mean I have literally done very little.  

Monday was a lazy marathon day of Netflix watching since I couldn't sew or clean or do anything that would make noise.

Tuesday my daughter and I ran around doing a bunch of errands that she usually doesn't get to do since she doesn't drive (yet! that is going to have to change sooner than later I think).  I did get some vintage Corningware out of the deal at the Goodwill so I won't complain about having to run her all over the country side shopping.

Yesterday she and I went to see Star Wars... finally!

Today she is babysitting so I had to drive her to do that at 5 AM, came home and crawled back into bed but couldn't go back to sleep so gave up after laying here for 2 hours.  Son just said "goodnight" so no noise making for the rest of today.  

I feel like I'm totally wasting a perfectly good week off but I'm not sure what to do to feel like the next 3 days won't be wasted as well since the male child is going to be working all weekend as well, as far as he knows.  

I guess I will get to go back to work well rested at least. LOL!!

That's it from here for now.

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Little Penpen said...

Now this sounds like my I had a three day weekend last weekend, and slept it away. But it sure did feel good! Sometimes you just have to rest. :)