Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Need My Sanity Back

Okay... a little overly dramatic maybe but I haven't been able to sew for over a month and I am going a little cray cray. LOL!

My son sleeps in the hobby, craft, junk, Son room and he has been working nights so he is asleep any time I could sew and his sleep is important so no sewing for Mama.

Happily he is back on days this next week so some I can get back to sewing!  I got some heavy upholstery fabric to make covers for my couch and love seat so those will be my first projects when I can get out there, then working more on our brother in law's Spidey quilt which I would love to get done and to him.

Sadly today I am on day 3 of the head cold from H E double hockey sticks so I will likely stay bundled in my recliner, warm and miserable but possibly hand stitching on my Grandmother's Flower Garden hexie quilt top.  We shall see if my snot fogged brain will allow such fine work or not.

Hope everyone else is getting more done than I am! 

That is it from here for now.  

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Little Penpen said...

Oh dear, feel better! I hope you can find your sewing groove soon. ( I still haven't found mine)