Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Plodding Right Along

Greetings and salutations!

Things have been going about as normal around here, meaning I'm still working a lot of overtime and getting very little sewing time.  Plus now we own kayaks so we've spent a few of the nicer days out on one of the many lakes around here, paddling and trout fishing. Hubby is being really good about being patient since he knows I have to finish this quilt for June 5th!! EEP!!  Anyway the view of Rainier is great and the fish, delicious!

I also made 3 small reversible bags that I forgot to take pictures of (dag nab it!) for Korben and couple of his little friends who I helped my daughter babysit this last weekend.  I'm really annoyed that I didn't get pictures before I gave them to the kids, they turned out really neat.  I'll get a picture of Korben's at some point if I remember.

My 8 year old niece took well to my suggestion that she spend some time with me learning to make quilts.  Her first one (with about 50% of it being Aunt Sam's help) is on the mid-arm and almost done being quilted.  She is doing most of the quilting.  It's been about a 3 week project with us taking turns piecing our respective projects.

Wedding quilt center is done.  I just have 2 more borders and it will be on the quilter, since Ruby's quilt is going to be done today and come off the quilter.  This little girl has SO much energy and, like most kids her age, the attention span of .... something with a short attention span.  I told someone that trying to teach an energetic 8 year old how to sew is like trying to teach a hungry, dyslexic alligator how to read.  Anyway.... you can sort of see the Fairy Frost shimmer. :)  I'm super happy with how it is turning out.  I'll post a lot of good pictures after it is gifted on the 5th of June.

Next up I have a commission from Baby blankets for someone at work.  It shouldn't take to long though as my idea is simple and she liked it.  Then I have Dan's quilt to finish, then I have a gift quilt to finish, then I have another gift quilt to start! and make and finish, then I have the other Dan's quilt to finish, then I have LaRae's quilt to finish... oy, I should just shut up now!

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Little Penpen said...

To be working so much, you are still accomplishing a lot of sewing! I had forgotten you had a mid arm quilter. NICE! Enjoy your kayaks! Nice to see a post from you again.