Friday, November 24, 2017

Random Stuff

Back in 2013 I posted this: Aunt Sue's Quilt 

Early Thursday morning my hubby's Uncle passed away.  He was 91.  

During the summer while we were down to visit them Sue told me that while they were staying in a care facility run by a certain group, the quilt I had made for them was stolen by someone who worked there. 

My hubby's Aunt Sue and Uncle Delbert have been a huge part of his life and Delbert was someone my husband considered to be a father figure to him.  He learned to play guitar from his uncle and even though his uncle wasn't doing very well when we were visiting, so he knew the time was getting close, it still has hit him hard.  We had planned to try to get down there one more time.

I am thinking that Sue needs another quilt.  The first one I gave them so many moons ago got used so much it wound up in tatters, hence the quilt in the post I shared above being made for them.  That quilt being swiped just makes me very sad.  I have a quilt top that is almost done that I think she would really like so I am going to try and find time to work on it around all of the other things in this life that are keeping me very busy.

I miss my sewing time but things have just been so crazy lately.  I am hoping with it being winter and less outside stuff having to be done I will find some time to actually sew something.

That is it from here for now!

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