2015 Finishes

Utility Kilt for the man person.

Jacob's Ladder quilt that had been in my UFO pile for years.

Another Utility Kilt for the man person.  This is like the 5th or 6th one. :) He loves them!

Six cloth reversible grocery bags.  A lady at work wanted some so I let her have 5 of them. 

One of the lovlies from work got married so I made a quilt.  I absolutely adore this lady and she absolutely adored this quilt. 

Mason's (my newest nephew) quilt.

Finally finished one of my Stashbee quilts!  For my oldest who loves crazy quilts.

A quilt for Boss's Day for my Boss Patty.  I had the team members each sign a block then I made this.

Korben's Super Hero quilt.  Marvel on the 'front', Batman on the 'back'. 

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