Saturday, April 5, 2014

So Far This Weekend

Got up and got the spouse off to work (yes... he works all weekend so I get to SEW!!)
Went in to town to get cat food (the cat was hollering at me!)
Went to the fabric store for red fabric but their selection left much to be desired.
Came home and made this for Stash Bee April Queen, Sally:

Then put together the blocks I have gotten and made so far from March when I was Queen (This will be a quilt for my oldest):

He has always wanted a "traditional" Crazy Quilt from satin/silk/etc. and I have one in the works but I had to be realistic now that I'm working full time again and have some other ladies help me get him a crazy quilt made before I am ready to retire... LOL!

Then I saw THIS on Facebook!!!  Get ready to be completely overwhelmed by cute! (I might be a bit biased.)

And that is all I know today.  Now I'm going to work on the memory quilt non-stop (other than Sunday morning go to meetin' time.) and see how much I can get done.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Selfish Sunday Sewing

Hubby didn't come to bed until after 1:00 AM so he slept in really late so needless to say, we did not go to worship this morning.  Since he was sleeping I was selfish and had a "me mostly" day.

My daughter made pecan, chocolate chip scones while I was snoozing away (I go to bed around 9:00 PM due to having to get up at 4:15 AM on weekdays) so when I got up at 6:00 AM this morning I had one of them with my coffee.  Not on my diet but totally worth it!

I then came out and did some sorting of fabrics and pulled out the next quilt top that I want to finish for our quilt pile.  I still need to sandwich and quilt this beauty....

 but it has been hinted that a long arm might be my 25th anniversary present so I'm holding off on the big quilting projects until I see if that materializes or not..... anyway I dug this project out.. this is where I started:

And I ended today with this much:

I plan to add another row of circles to the bottom and then I'll surround this in black and then add more circles to the outside and then another black border.. etc. until it is big enough for a bed quilt.  So other than voting on a "cutest baby" contest that our grandboy is in I did stuff just for me today!  Tomorrow will be back to work and I'm going to concentrate on getting at least one square a day on weeknights done for the memory quilt.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

End of March Wrap!

Wow.  Time flies!  Korben is already 5 months old!  This Grammy can't even believe it!!

My son and Korben in St. Patrick's day. 

This one is about a month old.  Little guy keeps rolling onto his tummy then he can't get back over!

This one is about a week old.  His other Gramma watches him during the day while his Mommy is work and she keeps us well supplied with pictures so we don't miss anything.  Isn't that grin infectious??

Okay, enough with the proud Grammy bit. LOL!!  Today I got quite a bit done in the sewing area since the Hubby had to work and I had the day to myself.  I finished a mini quilt top which I'll likely get quilted tomorrow so I can gift it to the person I made it for.

Then I started on the important project that I've had the stuff for since mid-November.  It took me a couple weeks to decide what to do and then I've just been slow getting it done but I worked steadily on it today and made a bit of progress.  I am going to try to finish by end of April but it is a Queen sized project so it might take me longer.  It is a memory quilt made of clothing.  I think I talked about it in an earlier post.  It is for my son's Grandfather-in-law, his Mom-in-law's Dad.

I started with this:

And I'm here now (though I haven't done the embroidery on the new blocks and you can see none of them are sewn to each other yet):

 My plan is to have flying geese going in that pattern like they are flying up the quilt as I add more rows.  This is a quilt as you go project and I have finally figured out the best way to sew the rows together so I'll likely get all of these embroidered and sewn into rows then attached to each other tomorrow.

In other news, I am still loving my new (not SO new anymore) job and I'm now in training to learn how to do other more complicated stuff, so that's good!

Hopefully I will be able to keep up a once a week post and show progress on this quilt.  I'm really excited about how it is coming along and I'm also excited to get the rest of the blocks from my Stash Bee hive mates from hive 4.  So far I've made 2 blocks, Sara made me a block that is twice the size I asked for so it will be my quilt center.  I got Heather's block and I've seen pictures for 2 more from Robin so I'm excited to get them and add the embellishments and get that one put together for my oldest since he has wanted a crazy quilt for ages.

I think that is about all from here for now.  I've been jumping around to a bunch of your quilting blogs and I'm a bit jealous that you all are getting so much done! 

Happy quilting!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to the ........

Okay, it actually wasn't that funny but something good did come out of it.

I had all these plans to get a lot of sewing done now that there is no overtime at work.  Well, let us just say that was a nice dream.  Last weekend our bedroom flooded because the hot water heater, which is on the other side of a wall from our room, sprung a leak.

The good thing is now we have a 50 gallon water heater instead of the measly 30 gallons we had before and we have yet to run out of hot water.

 The bad part.....?  Well half of the wood floor that took me a couple of weeks to install is now ruined and ripped out.  Hubs wants different flooring in there so as soon as we can afford to do it we'll finish ripping out the rest of the wood floor.

Also, have you ever noticed how "extra money" tends to never be extra.  It seems like as soon as I started working again we've found a way to spend up to our incomes.  First we had to catch up on all the stuff what we had been doing without while I wasn't working.  Then the dishwasher broke and we had to get a new one (I will say, I will never buy anything but a Bosch dishwasher ever again, this thing is AWESOME!), then we had to spend money on one of the cars, then I had to loan my daughter a few hundred bucks, then the hot water heater fiasco... Now my car is making a "noise".  Eventually I'm sure the extra money will be extra.  I hope.

Anyway, enough of that!  I am LOVING my job.  I go in, I sit in my cube, I do my work, no one bugs me and then I come home.  I do visit on my breaks and at lunch.   The job is easy, so far, but they are going to train me to do more starting the end of this month so it is about to get more brain intensive.  Which is fine.

So this is my sewing lately.  Blocks for swaps and I started quilting Kathy's mini quilt.

February Block Swap Adventure 

March Block Swap Adventure

Kathy's Mini quilt

Stash Bee February blocks

I'm the queen for March for Stash Bee and I've asked everyone to make Crazy Quilt blocks so I can finally finish a new quilt for my oldest son.  He loves Crazy Quilts and the one that I'm making for him out of Satins just isn't going very quickly at all so I figured this would be a good plan.  Now hopefully I don't love it so much when it's done that I hem and haw about handing it over to him. :D