Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Goal Setting A.L.Y.O.F.

Good morning!  I'm going to try this again this year and see if I can manage to do any better at it...

My goal quilt for January is a UFO that has been sitting around for years.  It will be a utility quilt made for my family to use.  It is a Jacob's ladder quilt that I started years ago then decided that I didn't like it so I moved on and threw it up on the shelf and there it has sat until now.

The orangey/yellow fabric is a cotton blend, the prints are (I think) civil war repros or if not then they sure look like them to me, and the white fabric is a natural muslin.  The back is pieced out of bits and bobs that I had laying around.  I have to finish piecing one of the large white backgrounded blocks then sew it to the two that go on either side of it, attach that all to the quilt, add batting, do the straight line quilting on the whole quilt, bind and done!

Working full time is robbing me of my sewing time and even though I don't do the whole "resolution" thing one of the goals I have for this year is finishing things I have already started.  This quilt will be the first one.

We also spent the whole month of December remodeling our main bathroom.  It is not done, done but it is useable now while we do the finishing work on it.  Today I have to reclaim my dining room which was used as our staging area and is full of tools, junk, things we didn't use and general mess since we had to move a wall to accommodate a larger shower fixture.  Pictures when it is completely done.  I love it and am very proud of all of the hard work the hubster and I did on it, mostly him, but I make a good apprentice!

Other January goals:  Get daily exercise.  I have been very bad at this but since hubby got a new job where he works we will now be on the same early to bed, early to rise schedule (4:00 AM is early yes?) so that will help. 

Get Bek's wedding quilt cut out.  I am making a queen sized Tennessee Waltz quilt out of Kaffe Fassett and a white on white.  I have the prints bought since I loved them and bought them even though I didn't know what I would do with them, and then I just ordered some complimentary prints to go with what I had already.

Work on the quilting on my Churn Dash quilt.  I have two blocks quilted and another one marked and ready.  Here's a reminder of what that one looks like.  It will also live at our house probably.  I think I like it to well to give it away, plus our quilt stack is not that high anymore and I have a couple that are falling to pieces that need to be retired.  I am quilting it quite extensively so I don't think it will get done this month or even for a few months but I can work on a block when I get bored with other things.

My daughter started her first quilt!  She designed it, got the fabric a couple of years ago and has finally started piecing it.  She has about 1/2 of the center section done so far.  I have been helping her by pressing and handing her the pieces to sew.  We will work on this project together at some point this month also but I promised her I would not put any pictures up until she gets it done.  It will be at least queen sized by the time she's finished.

I guess that is all for now.  I hope everyone celebrated safely and is staying warm or cool, depending on where you live, and is having a great January first!

End of the Year and the Start of a New One!

I seriously can't believe the year is gone already.  It seems like time flies way faster when you have to go to work every day! 

Korben (first grandbaby) is running all over the place and starting to talk.  I don't get to see him nearly enough, which is the one thing I don't like about working.  My son posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "In Mother Russia, hat wears you!"


Like most people I have several goals for the new year.  Work goals include learn a couple of new skills so I'm a little more valuable.  It has been a rough year with several lay offs where I work so I figure the more I know, the more likely they will keep me until I'm ready to retire.  I really, really am very happy with this job and plan to stay there until retirement.

Home goals include finishing the main bathroom remodel which we've been at for a month now, but I can confidently say it will be done by this coming weekend, mostly because all that is left is mudding the drywall, painting and doing the trim then installing the toilet and sink.  The hard parts are already done.  Next on the list is a complete kitchen/dining room/living room remodel to make it into a Great Room which combines all three.  After that we will likely make the craft, junk storage, youngest boy's crash pad into a family/TV room.  Also this year I want to get a greenhouse and garden going.

Craft goals.  One project a month finished from my UFO pile.  The only new thing will be a wedding quilt for someone I work with that must be done by April.  I am doing the Tennessee Waltz quilt in 9 inch blocks, queen sized.  Everything is ready except the 4 yards of 'alternate' fabrics that are on their way to me right now via the good ol' USPS.

January: Finish the Jacob's Ladder quilt that is so close to done that I can't believe I've let it sit for nearly 2 years just waiting! and cut and sew all the blocks for the wedding quilt. Those are my January goals. Anything over and above that is just frosting!

My daughter also started piecing her first quilt and it is coming along really well.  She has about half of the middle part done.  I have been forbidden from posting the pictures I've taken until it is completed. I'll likely be her ironer as she sews like I was doing for the first part. And if I'm lucky she will be my ironer while I piece the wedding quilt!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday? No Thank You.

I admit, the only thing that temped me was the 30% off at The Intrepid Thread.  I went, I looked, I went out and looked at the piles of unfinished projects and piles of fabric that are not even slated for projects yet and I controlled myself.  Not an easy task and I barely managed.

Today the spousal unit had to be at work at 6:30 so I got up about 30 minutes later than my "usual" time of 4:30 AM, even though I have a 4 day weekend I'm going to try and stay close to my normal schedule so that Monday I'm not dying.

Craft Fair projects...

My daughter has made a ton of bracelets in 4 different lengths and several widths.  These pictures do not come close to doing them justice and I will get better pictures with my hubby's fancy camera once we have our booth set up on Thursday.

My projects:

I pulled this vintagey looking baby/lap project out.  About 1/2 of it was cut out (5 inch charms so this one was a square by square project) and 5 or 6 of the blocks were made so after I made my prototype cup cozy (picture down further) I finished this top yesterday and I pin based it and started the quilting this morning. It is mostly 30's repro fabric that I bought some charms of years ago and it has been sitting as an almost project for years so I added some natural muslin sashing and went for it.

Cup cozies:  I looked around the internet and found several tutorials but didn't really see what I wanted to do so I did what I had to..... I went to Starbucks and sacrificed myself by getting an Eggnog latte, brought it home and took the cardboard sleeve and opened it up then did some trimming so I'd have a pattern.  Here is my prototype, the others are mostly cut out and will be some quick in between sewing today.

Now I gotta quit quilting the baby quilt for a while and get all the stuff out of the bathroom because we are finally going to gut it and remodel it this weekend!!  I'm so happy and excited!  I've had a new toilet and shower stall sitting in the middle of my living room for the last week and now they will finally get installed!  I also have to move everything from my dinning room to... who knows where since we are moving a wall to accommodate the very large shower fixture we got.  I am confident we can do it in a weekend... I am. Confident.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Memory Quilt Done

I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago but I finally got to deliver it today.  This was the post that I did after I got the clothing. The Beginning.  As you can see it took me a little more than a year, instead of the 2 months I was hoping it would take.  That's what happens when you get a full time job!

The second quilt top is not even started but it is on my list.  Right now I have exactly 7 days to finish up some small projects for a Craft Fair at my work.  My daughter has made several dozen beaded projects, thank goodness, or we'd have nothing for our table!

I think I can get several cup cozies, a baby quilt and some hot pads and a couple of table runners done before then as long as I use things I already have started.

The back of the quilt is made from her tee shirts, with the sashing and the borders on the back made from fabric that was in a huge stash of crafting stuff that Patty gave me of her Mom's.  The crazy blocks on front are made of Ruby's clothing, with the Flying Geese being made from the last outfit she wore.  The black sashing an borders on the front, thread, batting and time are all that I added.

So, the pictures of the memory quilt.  They are also up on Flickr.