Sunday, March 8, 2015

March clothing finish!

I spent the weekend making another cargo kilt for the hubster and I still have a couple of hours to quilt before I gotta hit the hay!

I do the fabric stuff, he does the snaps.

I have some Navy Blue Duck that will be the next one but I am determined to work on quilts for the next 2 weeks when I get time to sew.  He is a very appreciative recipient of my skillz though so I don't mind making stuff for him even if it takes away from quilt making. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March Goal!! I think I can, I think I can....

Well, here I am again....  my February goal didn't go as planned.  Lots of mandatory overtime at work ruins the best laid plans but it is nice on the paychecks!  Plus 2 unplanned trips down the freeway for some family stuff over 2 weekends really didn't give me much time to sew. 

I did get a little done and I'm about 1/3 away from the center of the wedding quilt being done at least.  We are working a lot of mandatory overtime still so we will have to see how it goes. 

My goal again this month is the get the Wedding Quilt flimsy done.  That means the two long rows to finish the center have to be cut and sewed and attached and then the borders which I sort of have a plan for, I think.  Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finshes ~~>> in the sidebar.

Here is where I am this morning on it:

As a reminder I'm going for queen sized and we are at short twin minus borders right now.  Sorry for the picture quality.  I can't find my camera so this is a phone picture.  I think my son must have swiped my camera again.

So that's my goal.  I think we have one trip down the freeway within the next 3 weekends so we'll see how far I can manage to get.  Plus I have at least one kilt I have get done so the hubster can have another one to wear that is presentable outside the house.  Making them out of Duck canvas was a stroke of genius on my part... unless it was his idea.. I can't really remember at this point. LOL!!  And for your viewing pleasure, Korben yesterday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Midmonth Check In

When I set my goal for this month.... little did I know I'd hardly be home all month!  2 weekends running we've spent 4 hours down the freeway so between 8 hours of driving and a couple of days doing things with my sister I haven't had much weekend sewing time, plus I've been fighting a double ear infection, supposedly brought on by being subjected to an overwhelming amount of fragrance at work, even though we are a fragrance free work zone.  Amazing how many people think they are not meant to follow the easiest of requests. 

Oh well.  The meds help when it gets really bad and hopefully in the near future I'll get more work from home days which will help immensely.

All of that aside, and the fact that we are heading down the freeway again next weekend to visit my Mom (6 hours each way for this trip) I might actually get my goal of a Wedding quilt flimsy done.  I get to sew for a few hours for the rest of today (don't you love paid holidays off?) and then I'm committing to sewing for an hour or more each evening for the rest of the week, except for Thursday which is Bible Study night.

Next week my daughter and I will be starting to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays after I'm off work because while I am chubby and out of shape, she is skinny and out of shape so hopefully after a few months of religious gym use we will both be skinny and IN shape. So here is my progress so far, not much and the picture is a phone picture but you can get the idea I think.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goal Setting

Yes!  I finished my January goal!

I chose more than one thing last month, but actually only finished the one thing that I said I was definitely going to finish so YAY! 

For February I am going to turn this pile of Kaffe Fassett and white on white paisley print fabric.....

.... into a queen sized flimsy.  Lots of cutting and piecing to make what I want to make.  This will be a Wedding Quilt for one of my favorite people.  I figure flimsy in February and then quilting and finishing in March, I hope.

So there it is, my February goal!  Click on the Lovely Year Of Finishes link in my sidebar to see the other fabulous things that people are going to be making this month!