Monday, March 28, 2016

Wedding Quilt in the Works

After a couple of weekends I'm making some progress.  Fabric bought, all the pieces for the center are cut and I've got enough fabric for borders once I get the center put together.

I'm making another one of these:

This one will be the Bride's favorite colors, red and black with some white thrown in.  I'm using Fairy Frost and it is looking really nice so far.

That's about it in quilting news for now.  Have a fabulous week everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Stomp The Brakes!

So, I started something for a wedding that is in June however after speaking to a person in the know it will be ALL wrong for the lovely couple and so I am going to begin again, but I know what to do and I will have to go fabric shopping, which I haven't let myself do in a while!  Win/Win yes? 

On other fronts I have a 4 day weekend so I have big plans.  Tomorrow the hubster and I are going to go spend my incentive pay on a couple of kayaks and all the accouterments that go with them.  Sunday is going to be a fabric cutting day, unless the weather seriously dries out so we can try out the kayaks.  Monday and Tuesday are for errands, house cleaning (and boy does it need it!) and some sewing if we have time. The woman child has assured me she will be my presser so I can whip through a quilt top in good time.

We'll see how it all works out.  I am a last minute sort of person but I'd love to finish something WELL ahead of schedule for once in my life. LOL!

Hope everyone else is getting to do some sewing!  I promise there will be pictures in my next post. 

That's it from here for now.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Need My Sanity Back

Okay... a little overly dramatic maybe but I haven't been able to sew for over a month and I am going a little cray cray. LOL!

My son sleeps in the hobby, craft, junk, Son room and he has been working nights so he is asleep any time I could sew and his sleep is important so no sewing for Mama.

Happily he is back on days this next week so some I can get back to sewing!  I got some heavy upholstery fabric to make covers for my couch and love seat so those will be my first projects when I can get out there, then working more on our brother in law's Spidey quilt which I would love to get done and to him.

Sadly today I am on day 3 of the head cold from H E double hockey sticks so I will likely stay bundled in my recliner, warm and miserable but possibly hand stitching on my Grandmother's Flower Garden hexie quilt top.  We shall see if my snot fogged brain will allow such fine work or not.

Hope everyone else is getting more done than I am! 

That is it from here for now.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Laid Plans.....

My last post was so hopeful... 

I really am smiling as I write this blog post.  I had all these big plans to finish things but then my son, who sleeps in one half of the sewing/craft/storage/junk room is now working nights, which means I leave for work, he comes home, fiddles around on his computer for a while then goes to sleep and doesn't wake up until 6 PM.  Basically I try to go to bed by 7 PM so not much is getting accomplished on the sewing front. Oh well.

I've been lazy this last week.  I have the week off and the hubby was supposed to have it off as well but last minute his backup at his job got very ill and so he has had to work.  When I say I've been lazy I mean I have literally done very little.  

Monday was a lazy marathon day of Netflix watching since I couldn't sew or clean or do anything that would make noise.

Tuesday my daughter and I ran around doing a bunch of errands that she usually doesn't get to do since she doesn't drive (yet! that is going to have to change sooner than later I think).  I did get some vintage Corningware out of the deal at the Goodwill so I won't complain about having to run her all over the country side shopping.

Yesterday she and I went to see Star Wars... finally!

Today she is babysitting so I had to drive her to do that at 5 AM, came home and crawled back into bed but couldn't go back to sleep so gave up after laying here for 2 hours.  Son just said "goodnight" so no noise making for the rest of today.  

I feel like I'm totally wasting a perfectly good week off but I'm not sure what to do to feel like the next 3 days won't be wasted as well since the male child is going to be working all weekend as well, as far as he knows.  

I guess I will get to go back to work well rested at least. LOL!!

That's it from here for now.