Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday Fun

 Hello again!

Today was the first Saturday in a long time that I got to actually relax a little and have some fun.  Generally Saturday is my day for getting everything I couldn't do during the week done (errands, shopping, cleaning).  These 55 and 60 hour work weeks don't leave much time for anything else, even working at home they make for a long day when we have to take "mandated" breaks.

Anyway, not here to complain about my work week so I'll move on.

Today is a rainy, hail-y (?), wet, humid (since it's warmish) day.  We went and had lunch at a friend's house with a bunch of other friends to celebrate his upcoming nuptials.  It was really nice and I called it a cheat day from my diet so I ate a lot of really good things that were really bad for me.  I don't regret it.  Even a little. 😀

When we got home hubby went to his space to work on a public discourse he has to give next weekend and I came into the sewing room.  I couldn't settle so I have wandered between projects.

Quilted on this a little but then decided I wasn't in a really quilting mood.

Finished piecing this top and then decided (I think) on adding some 4 inch gray boarders, but then got bored with that before I could actually sew on the borders.  I did choose the back for this one and it will probably be a "sell" quilt. It's just over 50 inches wide an inch or two longer than it is wide.

After getting bored with that I started work on this again, and I think it will be the next thing I finish.  I'm thinking it will be a bed sized quilt and I might keep it since I always wanted a quilt with curves.

While fiddling with that I was also trying to think what I am going to do for a back for this one.  I am not sure if I want to piece a back and just use things I have or if I want to just buy backing fabric.  

Piecing a back  will entail pulling all of the fabric bins out from under the quilter, where they are hiding, and digging through them to remind myself of what I have.  Some of the fabric I have has been in bins for over 5 years so who knows what lovely surprises I will find.

Anyway, some of the leftovers that I brought home are calling my name, 12:30 lunch was about 7 hours ago!

Friday, June 14, 2024

What I'm Up To

 Well, I guess this time it was a bit more than a year!

So, what's new in my world?  New laptop.  Still figuring it out since my old one was about 11 years old and couldn't run Windows 11.  My work computer runs 10 so I was sort of used to it I guess. 

In the last year husband has remodeled our addition to our house because "my" office soon became filled with his hobbies and things, so I was working at a desk in our bedroom.  Not the best thing when I get up a 4:45 AM to start by 5:00 AM (so I can get off earlier, assuming I don't work overtime, but we are so short staffed I'll probably be working OT until I retire... but I digress).

So now he has a room that is 12 x 30 for all of his hobbies and etc.  I have a room now that is part office (so he can sleep longer if he wants to, I need a HIPPA compliant space so he was having to get up and out so I could work) and part sewing room, let's be honest though, mostly sewing room. Which I can tell you makes me extremely happy.

I'm still working to get things organized and I need shelves but it is WAY better than the pile everything was in, in the teeny corner I occupied in the un-remodeled addition.

So that is better!  I have a standing desk and an under the desk treadmill so I have started walking at about a mile an hour during the day sometimes since I can still type at that speed.

I got my grandson's quilt loaded on the quilter and it is almost done then I have the next top ready to go on the quilter.  I'm hoping that since I now have my own space and the only time it isn't mine is when my daughter has her Friday evening gaming time.  She uses my room since there is room to set all of her stuff up in there (2 computers, a tablet, her phone and a bunch of books).

Anywho, I'm hoping now that I have a dedicated area I will be able to get back into this blog thing. 

Also, grandson had his school play last Thursday.  He's 10 now and I'm not really sure where the time has gone. 

:) Here he is with his mom and dad, my son. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Yearly Post!

 Seems like me making a bit of a catchup post once a year is becoming a thing. 

Shortly after my last posting on here (literally the next day) we decided to start a kitchen remodel.  What this means is my sewing/back/addition room became storage for all of the things.  Extraneous kitchen things, building materials who knows what all else.  

Needless to say we got the kitchen back to being able to cook and do dishes and then it has sat, waiting. So basically I have not been able to sew since this time last year.  Not great for my mental health but at least I have a slightly better kitchen.  I think we might actually get it done this year, at any rate I better get my sewing room back this summer sometime.

Work has been good, still full time at home with no going back to the office in sight (except once or twice a year for "team building" which is basically potluck and all day jibber jabber meetings).  That works fine for me.  I don't like the commute or the city, at all. 

That is about all right now I guess.  Once  I actually have progress on some sort of sewing I'll make a report. 

I hope anyone who sees this has a great summer.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Slllllooooowwwwww Project.

It's me again... 

Three months later here is the grandchild's thingy.. it is almost large twin sized and I'm hoping to get the top ready by the end of this weekend.

The back is also going to be pieced but large pieces so it should go quick.

I have some Indian Elephant fabric that I'm using for top and bottom borders then another thin black border then another of the tan borders.  That should put me at about the right size.

After this one is on the quilter my daughter is going to work on finishing her quilt top while I get this one quilted.  I have so many more projects almost done and half done.  I just need time to stop moving so fast!