Sunday, November 29, 2015

Korben's Superhero Quilt

First, is Superhero one word or two? Super Hero.  I guess it doesn't matter.  Anywho....

I finished Korben's second quilt and came up with this brilliant plan to make him a quilt every 2 years.  I am thinking this way he can "remember" what he was into at certain ages and also when I die (hopefully not for another 40 years or so since my family is traditionally long lived) he will have LOTS of quilts from his Gramma.

Without further ado, Korben and his quilt. :)

Ironman Approves

 Peeking around the back.

He's loved Batman since he was a teeny thing so the back is Batman.

The front is Marvel Heros.  :)  This is his "cheese" smile.

Pretty sure he likes it since we spent a long time looking at all the characters and then built a fort out of it. :)

Next up I'm going to finish free motion quilting the Churn Dash on my regular sewing machine since that is where I started it, and I have to keep changing to different thread colors which is a pain in the neck on the mid-arm.  After that I have a Spider Man quilt that I need to finish for our brother in law.

It sure feels good to be finishing all these things that have been sitting on my shelf as "started" projects!

That's it from here for now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Just a short one today.  I promised myself I was going to keep up on this thing but I'm not doing a very good job of it!

We are still doing overtime at work.  I don't mind because I still, after 2 years, really like my job.  Downside?  Not much time to sew.  

I have Korben's Superhero quilt on the mid-arm and will start quilting on it tonight.  He is only 2 but I went over board and made a double size quilt that will look like a comforter on his little twin bed, but his Mama has a tendency to swipe the quilts and use them so this will be big enough for them to snuggle under together.  She uses my son's quilt more than he does and her quilt is on Korben's bed right now.  Anyway....

Big ol' wind storm yesterday.  We lost power a couple of times but it was only out for about an hour so that is an improvement over what usually happens.... no power for days.

Hubby finished the chicken coop and we moved the chickens into their "mansion" (yeah, he went overboard and it is a mansion and should be for what it all cost!) a couple of nights ago.  They are loving it.  A lot more room than the little bin they were living in for a month.  He is going to get some more eggs from a lady he works with and try to hatch about 6 more.  We have 10 right now, they hatched on October 19th.

The only other thing of note is our fat cat (not so fat now) is a diabetic.  We've got him regulated after a couple of weeks of consulting with the vet, diet changes, glucose monitoring and insulin injections.  We got lucky because I knew the signs so we caught it super early and the vet says he is likely going to go into remission which it looks like we are heading for.  He went in 2 weeks from two units of insulin twice a day down to one unit once a day so that is really good. My daughter is really happy since he is her favorite. 

Pictures of the quilt once I get started on the quilting.  I'm just going to do something really simple for the quilting since I want him to have it fairly quickly so he has something really neato to snuggle under before the really cold weather gets here.  

I guess I better get my rear in gear and get out the door.  That's it from here!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 2015!

Since I can't seem to keep up on this thing with any regularity I'll give you a quick update post. 

Still working a lot.  My sister just had a baby so we are getting my Mama up here to spend a week to help take care of her and the new baby.

Speaking of their new baby, they had a baby shower in mid September and I finished this for the baby, Mason.

I had the top up in my UFO pile all done and just the right size so all I had to do was make a back and get it quilted.  The letters on the back were in my Grandma's cedar chest and I try to include some of the fabric that was in there when I got it in all of her great-grandbaby's quilts.

The other project I finally finished is my oldest son's Crazy Quilt!  I gave it to him a couple of weeks ago and he is SO happy with it.  So am I!!  I again thank all the Stashbee ladies who sent me blocks!

Last but not least.  Tomorrow is Boss's Day so back in June I had everyone on the team I'm on sign some white quilt blocks and I turned them into a  quilt for our boss!  I think she is really going to be happy with it. 

That's it from here for now!  I have one more quilt to get done this month but it is going to be a really quick and easy kid quilt so hopefully I can have it ready to go on the quilter by the end of Sunday. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The wedding quilt post. :)

August already.  Time sure flies doesn't it?

Here in Western Washington we've had the hottest weather I can remember us having this summer.  We are in a drought! What?  We are in Western Washington, rain capital of .. rainy places!  How can we be in a drought?  But everyone assures me we are.  Weird.

So I think I mentioned that I was going to get a mid-arm quilter for our Anniversary.  Hubby made good on that promise and even though I we took the floor model, it is in my house and I've already finished a quilt on it!  I think we brought it home around the 14th or so of July.  I had a quilt to finish by July 26th for a wedding and I did it!!

Hubby is the one who made the pretty bows for the presentation of it.  He is multi-talented. :)

This weekend my project is the quilt that I had the team at the office sign signature blocks for.  Boss's day is in October so I gave myself plenty of lead time but in reality this quilt is a one weekend project with maybe one day of the next weekend for finishing.  Nothing to complicated or fancy.  I blurred out the writing on the blocks for now.  Cellphone picture so not great but I think you can get the gist of what I'm up to. :)

Also working on my eldest son's quilt.  Trying to imagine borders.  The ladies from the Stash Bee made most of these blocks for me in March of 2014 and I've slowly been joining them and adding to them to get where I wanted the middle of the quilt to be and I'm there now.  I just need to figure out what the borders will be and get cracking on them so he can have this before the cold weather arrives.

In theory while I'm quilting these multiple projects my daughter is going to be piecing the rest of her quilt top so it can go on the quilter when I'm done. :)  Oh and here is a picture of my new toy!  That quilt was on it for a while but since I started it as a free motion project on my sewing machine with all different colors of thread it became to much of a pain so I'll finish it on my sewing machine since it is easier to change thread that way.