Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday? No Thank You.

I admit, the only thing that temped me was the 30% off at The Intrepid Thread.  I went, I looked, I went out and looked at the piles of unfinished projects and piles of fabric that are not even slated for projects yet and I controlled myself.  Not an easy task and I barely managed.

Today the spousal unit had to be at work at 6:30 so I got up about 30 minutes later than my "usual" time of 4:30 AM, even though I have a 4 day weekend I'm going to try and stay close to my normal schedule so that Monday I'm not dying.

Craft Fair projects...

My daughter has made a ton of bracelets in 4 different lengths and several widths.  These pictures do not come close to doing them justice and I will get better pictures with my hubby's fancy camera once we have our booth set up on Thursday.

My projects:

I pulled this vintagey looking baby/lap project out.  About 1/2 of it was cut out (5 inch charms so this one was a square by square project) and 5 or 6 of the blocks were made so after I made my prototype cup cozy (picture down further) I finished this top yesterday and I pin based it and started the quilting this morning. It is mostly 30's repro fabric that I bought some charms of years ago and it has been sitting as an almost project for years so I added some natural muslin sashing and went for it.

Cup cozies:  I looked around the internet and found several tutorials but didn't really see what I wanted to do so I did what I had to..... I went to Starbucks and sacrificed myself by getting an Eggnog latte, brought it home and took the cardboard sleeve and opened it up then did some trimming so I'd have a pattern.  Here is my prototype, the others are mostly cut out and will be some quick in between sewing today.

Now I gotta quit quilting the baby quilt for a while and get all the stuff out of the bathroom because we are finally going to gut it and remodel it this weekend!!  I'm so happy and excited!  I've had a new toilet and shower stall sitting in the middle of my living room for the last week and now they will finally get installed!  I also have to move everything from my dinning room to... who knows where since we are moving a wall to accommodate the very large shower fixture we got.  I am confident we can do it in a weekend... I am. Confident.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Memory Quilt Done

I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago but I finally got to deliver it today.  This was the post that I did after I got the clothing. The Beginning.  As you can see it took me a little more than a year, instead of the 2 months I was hoping it would take.  That's what happens when you get a full time job!

The second quilt top is not even started but it is on my list.  Right now I have exactly 7 days to finish up some small projects for a Craft Fair at my work.  My daughter has made several dozen beaded projects, thank goodness, or we'd have nothing for our table!

I think I can get several cup cozies, a baby quilt and some hot pads and a couple of table runners done before then as long as I use things I already have started.

The back of the quilt is made from her tee shirts, with the sashing and the borders on the back made from fabric that was in a huge stash of crafting stuff that Patty gave me of her Mom's.  The crazy blocks on front are made of Ruby's clothing, with the Flying Geese being made from the last outfit she wore.  The black sashing an borders on the front, thread, batting and time are all that I added.

So, the pictures of the memory quilt.  They are also up on Flickr.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Can't Believe It Is Already November

..... and I'm still not done with this Memory Quilt!

But, I only have 2 pieced borders left to make and then quilting and binding and I'm done.  I get to work on it this whole weekend and I'm hoping that by Monday I can deliver it.  If I am REALLY diligent I could have it done by tomorrow evening so that is the plan.

I've already pretty much told everyone not to bother me so we'll see how that goes.

Korben turned 1 year old on Tuesday.  Time is flying there as well.  My son posted a video of Korben playing with his stuffed Batman 'dolls' and Korben grabbed one and clear as day, in the low gravely voice the kid says "Batman...!"  then proceeds to have a conversation with Batman in that same gravelly voice. 

It's amazing really how quickly time flows.  I have had to learn to appreciate the little snippets of time that I get with the folks I love.  I wish there was a way to stay home and make enough to continue getting us caught up, but I don't think crafting and quilting will do it.  When the hobby becomes something you "have" to do it just isn't fun anymore.  At least I find that is the way it is with me.

Now enough procrastination.  Pictures in a couple of days I hope of a quilt that I am becoming more and more proud of as it nears completion.  I only hope the family it is for will like it as much I do.

Have a sew-ful weekend everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Finally Friday.

Have you ever had those Fridays where you get to work and the first 4 or 5 hours seem like about 10 and you keep looking at the clock and it is only like 9 AM. Forever. Then 9:10.. for like 30 minutes before it is finally 9:15?

Yeah, that was today.  I would have sworn I had worked for at least 5 hours and it was time for lunch but I looked at the clock and it was only 8 and I had only been there 2 hours.

This is going to be one of those rare complainy posts from me.  I am usually such a positive person but the last couple of days.  I tell you what.

Ever notice how certain people who you've known for years and years, or even if you've only known them a short time sometimes, don't really want anything to do with you if you are not in their social or hierarchical "sphere"?  Until they find out that you have a skill that they would like you to use on their behalf? 

Yeah that is really annoying. 

Without going into detail, I quoted them the highest price I would ever charge someone for a queen sized quilt and I'm sure they decided to go to Walmart and get a bed in a bag.  Crisis averted.  I would never make a quilt for someone who is bound to be as difficult as I'm sure this person would be.  I don't need the headache.

Also missing the little man, my grandson Korben.  I got to see him for about 5 minutes today, for the first time in weeks.  When we are not busy, the kids are busy and vice versa.  Hubby hasn't seen him in about 3 months. That pretty much (excuse my French) sucks, or bites or whatever you wanna say.  I do get to watch him this coming Wednesday for a while so the kids can go to the dentist so that gives me something to super look forward to.  I can hardly wait.  Hopefully hubby actually gets off at the time he is supposed to and he can get over there for a little while too.

The house right next to them is for sale.  WAY to much money for me to even dream about it, but I did anyway.  Of course our place is practically paid off now so it wouldn't really make sense, plus according to Zillow, and what I personally know about the neighborhood, they have it listed for about $40,000.00 to much.

Anyway.  Tomorrow we going to the State Fair.  Hopefully this weekend I can get some sewing done on the Memory quilt.  I really wanted to get it done by the end of September but that is looking like a far fetched idea, unless there is absolutely NO overtime this next week, but I looked at the weeks work for not only myself but everyone else and I am pretty sure we have overtime for the foreseeable future. 

Nice on my bank account, not so nice on my sewing machine.