Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Said I Wouldn't, But I Dood It Anyway...

When he was younger and was about to get in trouble my youngest son would look at me with his soulful green/brown eyes and say ever so sweetly "Mama, I tellin' ya I din't dood it."  Usually it worked and he was off the hook as long as the infraction was a small one.  How can you scold a little guy when he's so dang cute?  Here are exhibits 1 and 2, and this was when he was older!


I did dood it.  I said I wasn't starting anything new this year, until I had finished all of my UFOs.  Well, I lasted a month and 3 days!  I would say that it pretty good.  It wasn't really my fault though.

The thing I started is ultra-secret, since I know that the person it will eventually be for has read my blog at times, and I'd hate for them to know about it before it was done.  The idea for this project has been festering in my brain since Christmas.  Someone told a story that let me see another side of them and I immediately thought that I needed to make a certain type of quilt for that person, but I had already made my "no new stuff" pact with me so I figured I'd wait until I had all these other quilts and "things" done then start it, but it kept right on festering and bugging me.

Last night I decided that every other day, after the hubby gets out the door to work that I will work on this project until midnight and then go to bed.  That's about 2.5 hours every other night.  No telling how long it will take me since it is a very labor intensive thing.  My daughter says "So how long do you think you can keep this a secret?"  She knows me well, but I think I won't let the cat out of the bag simply because if this person hasn't a clue that I'm making them a quilt, then I won't feel any pressure to try and hurry it along.

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