Thursday, February 2, 2012

No More Pencils, No More Books...

YaY!  Today was my official last day of work.  The guy that bought the business offered me a job.  I was honest with him, I really don't want to or need to work anymore but he seemed sort of woe begone over it so I ended up waffeling (sp?). 

I admit, I really have a problem saying no.  He seems like a very nice man and I'm sure working for him wouldn't be that much of a hardship, but I just really don't want to.  He's independent so if I did work for him I'd be doing way more and dealing with way more than I had to before.  I would likely be doing all of the billing and insurance verifications and who knows what all.  Healthcare is so convoluted that I really don't want to learn an entire new skill set.

I hope he finds a front office person really quickly so I won't have to worry about getting a call.  I have no idea why I should feel like I should help him out when I only just met him today and I don't even know him.  Why??

He gave me one of the tables in the office that I have been coveting so that will be good.  I just need to get my son to bring his truck and haul it for me.  I need more tables in my sewing area.  In trade I told him he could call me with any questions and I'd do my very best to answer them.

No sewing today yet.  I had trouble sleeping last night because I had a couple of ideas for quilts running around in my brain but since I'm not starting anything new until I've finished everything that I already have started I just kept thinking and thinking about them.  Finally around 3:30 AM I got up and drew some pictures and then stuffed them in a quilting magazine so I have them in case I ever need them.  At least getting them on paper let me sleep because then my brain knew I wouldn't forget them.  Lesson learned.. if I get an idea I'll just get it on paper so my mind will shut up.

I might sew tonight after I get hubby off to work.  We'll see.  I think what I actually might do if I go out there though is start putting together the prize packages for my first giveaway... at 30 followers... if I ever get them! :)


andsewon said...

Hard to say no to folks sometimes but I have learned how and no longer feel guilty!;-) Not sure if it will help or not but added you to my side bar! Hope you get the followers you want!!Have fun sewing!!

Samantha said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar! Hubby and I had a long discussion this morning about it and he is totally supporting whatever I decide. After we talked I have decided that when I talk to the new owner this afternoon or tomorrow I'm going to get more detail about what my job would entail and then make my decision, though I think hubs and I are both leaning heavily toward the me not working option.

I sorta feel like I should leave the job there for someone who might really NEED it. The only reason I would be working would be to pay for more fabric!<~(the most important one), eating out more, and being able to buy more junk that we don't really need.