Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodies & A Question

First things first...

I didn't win one of the Traveling Stash drawings but I did win the "extras" that came out of the box and some other goodies!

Jen over at Quilter's Daughter sent me this batch of lovlies.  Some that she pulled from a Traveling Stash box (I spotted the Debbie Mumm and so I said I would gladly take these extras off her hands!).

I've already added the Debbie Mumm to my hoard collection.  One day I will make a quilt with all of this Debbie Mumm that I've collected!

The question I had was this - Does anyone know of an applique block swap?  I would love to join one at some point in the future as I would love to make an applique quilt, but frankly, appliqueing an entire quilt does NOT appeal to me.  If there isn't one around (and I've searched the net for one, believe me) maybe that is something I would look into hosting in the future. 

What got me thinking on it was the first quilt in this post by Anorina.

I sat and stared at it for a good 30 minutes, wishing and dreaming that I could make something that gorgeous!  I think if I only had to make one applique block a month I could manage it but I have a problem with needing instant gratification so I think I'd want the swap to be more like a bee where each person did a different applique block with fabrics from their stash in the colors that the queen chose.

I guess this is sort of a poll as to how many other people would want to do something like this.  I think if I get enough interest I might see about getting it set up, unless someone knows of something like this already going on that I could join in a couple of months after my life levels off.


Jen said...

Glad you liked your box! And count me in for a swap - I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things applique! And the thought of doing 1 or 2 blocks really appeals to me.....

Jamie Lee said...

I haven't heard of an applique block bee, but you could always join a bee and request it or join Block Swap Adventure and make some kind of applique your block every month.

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun!!