Monday, December 3, 2012

New Squishy Mail!

I won something!  I get so excited anytime I enter a giveaway and win.  I actually squeal when it happens, or jump around like a goof.  It doesn't even matter how big or small the thing I won is, I get so excited!

I don't enter every giveaway because I am so blessed to have what I need already, but it is nice to win gift certificates since my stash is limited in the most popular colors of the day and so at times getting my bee blocks done will mean a trip to the fabric store just for a fat quarter.  We live out from town about 15 miles so it's a 30 mile round trip if I'm not already going that way.

Jamie @ Busy Bee Quilts gifted me a quilty care package a couple of weeks ago with colors that I was in dire need of.  She is such a sweet bloggy friend!  I see that she and a friend are running a Bee that looks like it would be very quick and super fun!  The flicker page for that is here: Make It Modern   I'm considering it!  I need to start sewing more modern and with more modern colors.  I LOVE the more modern quilts but I think I'm in a traditional quilter type rut. 

Anyway.. back to my winning something!  I have gotten off track.  So I left a comment on a Giving Handmade blog post on Cori's blog over here Let's eat Grandpa and I ended up winning a $25 gift certificate from The Intrepid Thread.  SO excited.  I decided to really consider what I was getting and not just get the first thing that took my fancy.  Turns out, adding more of the colors that I'm seriously lacking also led to me getting two colorways in a line that I wanted so bad when it came out that I ALMOST broke my budget and risked getting the stink eye from the hubby to get it anyway.  I was such a good girl for not buying it!  

This is what I got.

The aqua/blue colorway and orange colorway of Flutter!  Modern fabrics in colors that I am severely lacking in my stash.. that I LOVE.  Along with Jamie's quilty care package this gives me a nice amount of newer, modern fabrics.  They are so pretty I only hope when the time comes I can force myself to cut into them.

If you've not gotten anything from Julie yet at The Intrepid Thread I can highly recommend  that you check out her shop.  She has such pretty fabric, her prices and shipping are super good and she is QUICK!  Usually my fabric is in my mail box in no more than 4 or 5 days.

So thank you Cori for choosing my name and thank you Julie for sponsoring!  Now I'm off to sew something.


Jamie Lee said...

What pretty fabric! Yay for awesome mail!

Jamie Lee said...

PS you should join the bee!!!

Angela Bullard said...

Great choices!

Michele said...

Congrats on the win and I do love what you chose. I got a package from Julie the other day and I do love to shop at her place too.