Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh, Oh! I'm all in! Selfish Sewing Week!

When I saw this idea at imagine gnats I was totally psyched!

I have SO many projects that I want to finish to keep for my own family and so many more that I want to finish so I can get them in my Etsy shop so I can make enough to buy a new sewing machine.  It is still selfish sewing if I am trying make money to buy something only I'll use, right?

Mostly I have 3 quilts that I want to finish to keep on my quilt pile.  I finish things but then people like them and so I give them away.  Our quilt pile is a bit taller than it used to be, but there are at least two quilts on it that need to be retired because they are pretty tattered and lose more batting every time they go through the wash.  Admittedly they are "utility" quilts that I inherited and there is no telling how long they have been around.  A long time for sure!

With winter coming and the surety that we WILL lose power for a while, we do every winter, and no wood stove we pile on the quilts to keep warm and read, bead, knit or do hand sewing by battery powered headlamp when it happens.  Sitting under 2 or 3 quilts at these times is the only way to keep warm enough, so we need more quilts!

My plan for Selfish Sewing Week (Sept. 23-29) is to finish 3 quilt tops for quilts that I am keeping or selling toward my new sewing machine.  I'll just have to pick the ones that are closest to done and then "get 'er done!"


Average Quilter said...

There is nothing wrong with selfish sewing. It keeps you happy and in turn should rub off on others

Blogger said...

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