Monday, September 15, 2014

Midmonth Check In

A week of vacation really cut into my plans, and today at work they sent the usual "overtime!!!" email, so that's gonna cut into sew time as well.

On the memory quilt, I need to piece 3 of the 8 blocks I still needed, then I need to embroider all 8, join them to the quilt body and then do the border/borders.  In my mind it is one very cool border about 12 inches wide.

I still have one paper pieced Stash Bee block to do.  Likely that will happen this evening, or at least part of it will.

I have 2 non-quilty finishes to report.  A prototype "utili"kilt.  By prototype I mean first one that is good for around the house wear.  No belt loops or pockets.  A learning kilt if you will.  He likes it well enough to wear it around the house and in the yard and such.  It is Khaki and I have enough fabric to make another one still.  And I made a black one which he wore almost all day yesterday, yes, to town when we went grocery shopping and everything!  I think it turned out really good and he loves it!

If I can manage to get enough accomplished through the week when I get home from work then I'll make the other Khaki one on Saturday, if not then he'll have to wait another week for it since I have to get the memory quilt done by the end of the month, or die trying!!

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Michele said...

Whoo hoo! Sexy man legs. LOL