Saturday, March 7, 2015

March Goal!! I think I can, I think I can....

Well, here I am again....  my February goal didn't go as planned.  Lots of mandatory overtime at work ruins the best laid plans but it is nice on the paychecks!  Plus 2 unplanned trips down the freeway for some family stuff over 2 weekends really didn't give me much time to sew. 

I did get a little done and I'm about 1/3 away from the center of the wedding quilt being done at least.  We are working a lot of mandatory overtime still so we will have to see how it goes. 

My goal again this month is the get the Wedding Quilt flimsy done.  That means the two long rows to finish the center have to be cut and sewed and attached and then the borders which I sort of have a plan for, I think.  Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finshes ~~>> in the sidebar.

Here is where I am this morning on it:

As a reminder I'm going for queen sized and we are at short twin minus borders right now.  Sorry for the picture quality.  I can't find my camera so this is a phone picture.  I think my son must have swiped my camera again.

So that's my goal.  I think we have one trip down the freeway within the next 3 weekends so we'll see how far I can manage to get.  Plus I have at least one kilt I have get done so the hubster can have another one to wear that is presentable outside the house.  Making them out of Duck canvas was a stroke of genius on my part... unless it was his idea.. I can't really remember at this point. LOL!!  And for your viewing pleasure, Korben yesterday!


Izzy said...

Good luck! It's really going to be awesome! :-)

Michele said...

Well at least you are getting a little sewing time in. Here's my wish for you to reach your goal this month.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Good luck Samantha. It's a beauty!