Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Terribly Confusing Tuesday....

I thought I was done working.  When I left there last Wednesday there were no appointments in the afternoon for this week so I left a note to call me if I had to work. 

This morning I went out and started working on the red and black "Log Cabin Heart" quilt.  As I was auditioning border fabrics (I'm not ready for borders, but I like to be prepared!) the phone rings.  It is 1:45 in the afternoon and I had slipped into a pair of sweats and ratty tee shirt after my shower at around 10 AM, since I had no plans to leave the house until Friday (!!) when I go grocery shopping.

So, at 1:45 the phone rings, I didn't look at the caller ID, I just answered it and it is my boss wondering where I am.  Great, no one called me as I requested.  I told him I'd be there in 25 minutes then ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off, assuming the chicken has really bad hair because the silly chicken didn't blow dry it or ANYTHING because the chicken thought it was going to get to stay home!!

Anyway.. so I slapped some mascara on, ran a brush through my hair and tried to fluff it up a little, not happening!  Zipped into my room and grabbed work clothes off of hangers, leaving the hangers spinning on the closet bar thingy, ran out with my shoes on but not zipped, jumped in my car and, even though I got stuck behind a cement mixer truck, made it there in exactly 25 minutes.

Apparently I will be working this week out.  My boss didn't really care he was just glad I was home when he called and not off toodling around somewhere.

Despite that, I got another section added but not quilted.. Front and Back

Ignore the ugly that is my bedroom.  Likely it will be the last room that we do anything with to make it lovely.  This house was a fixer upper when we moved in and we are still fixering uppering.  Kitchen and master bath both need fixering uppering more than our bedroom. :)

So despite being confused about my continued "work" responsibilities it turned out to be a pretty good and slightly productive day.

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