Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is That Really Me?

So I posted about Bunco at my son's MIL's house on Friday.  We had a BLAST and Patty is an awesome cook so we ate and laughed and played Bunco.  And laughed.  And some fun was had at others expense, but it was all in good fun.  Did I mention we laughed?

Then today the pictures started showing up on Facebook.  I'm not laughing that much when I am in the pictures.  I don't look like that when I look in the mirror at myself.  Where did all those chins come from?!
Yeah.. time to do something about that I think.  I'm 43.  I shouldn't have my grandmother's body yet.

I watched "Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead" on Netflix early this morning because everyone has been talking about the movie and a handful of my friends have done the juice cleanse and switched to mostly vegetarian diets and they all report good progress on weight loss.

I went today and got a ton of veggies, a few fruits, got a juicer and made up a schedule for exercise that starts Monday.  I started on the diet part with dinner tonight.

This juice is called "Mean Green" and it is the main juice you drink for a 10 day juice fast.  About 80 ounces of this a day, a good multivitamin and lots of water.  No caffeine, no sugar, just juice.  It isn't actually that bad, or that expensive to make.  Plus I think going into spring, soon there will be fresh veggies at the local stand, and my daughter and I are putting in a big garden this year.

In the movie the guy, Joe, did the juice fast for 60 days.  I don't think I will be able to go that extreme, but I need to do SOMETHING and according to my friends who've done this, after day 3 you start to really feel great and WANT to exercise you feel so good.  I hope so.  Those pictures of the Bunco party really depressed me.

Now for some happy thoughts.....  I worked on the D9P this morning and got it to 40 inches square, quilted.  I'm going to make it larger and the quilting is easy straight line quilting so it is going fairly quickly and I am loving how it is looking.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far and may your Sunday bring sunshine and joy. :)


strandkorbtraum said...

Don't overdo it - you need to go slow. And fasting is the worst way to lose weight, you will put that on in seconds again. The longer way is to make small chances and don't give up your normal habits. So a teaspoon instead of a normal spoon of oil for the vinegretted. 80 instead of 100g of pasta .... 1 chocolate each week, that comes to about a row each day, wholemeal bread, pasta ... And what is really helpful - only cook as much as you know will be eaten, so no snacking just because it tasted great (or eating the left overs because it's unthinkable to throw away food)...
Good Luck with your spring diet though! And enjoy the juice!

Wilma NC said...

Having done lots of diets that worked for a while, may I recommend Weight Watchers? I lost 47 pounds in 2010 and didn't EVER feel deprived. The key to any weight loss is portion control, and track what you eat. If you write it down, it keeps you more in control. Good luck.

Agnes Warren said...

I can totally empathise with you. I am at the stage now where I hate having my photo taken. I really don't think I look like that. I agree with both comments above, I've done weightwatchers and at that time it worked really well for me. Lost 30 pounds and felt great. Then my youngest child was born (5 years ago) and I am finding it really hard to lose weight now. Need to lose about 40 pounds now. AAARGH. I do think that sometimes a jump start is no bad thing. So good luck with the juice diet. I might try that myself with a view to changing over to a healthier overall diet and smaller portions after the initial couple of weeks. I hope you get to where you want to be. Hugs, Agnes.

Needled Mom said...

Good luck. I do not think I could do that diet.

Shevvy said...

I get I would win a chins competion with you! I need to do something but even rotten photos don't give me the motivation to do it. Good luck. I know some people who have done really well with diets such as this and kept it off. A lot of willpower though!

Pen Pen said...

The juicing thing is great to start you off, but u can't do that for long without getting so hungry that you un-do everything u did with juicing. Do u have a local Curves for women? I started there a month ago and the exercise (3 x week) is such a boost and helps me to stay focused on eating right. I have already dropped a pant size and can tell i am really firming up. Find something that u can do for a life time!!! Best wishes!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think you have some good advice here already. Curves and weight watchers are great. It is an eating/diary/taking stock thing. I cut red meat out of my diet and that really improved things. Added more fish, fresh vegies and fruit (no canned because of salt and high sugar), more water (great with a twist of lime or lemon) and just walking.

Samantha said...

Thank you everyone for your advice and support.

I spoke with my Dr.'s medical assistant this morning and the Doc says I can do the juice thing but I have to eat at least one meal with correct portion sizes.

Mostly I'm going to start walking everyday at least 2 miles, cut out all processed foods, drink a lot more water and juice for breakfast, eat lunch then juice for dinner.

I'd respond via email but my email program suddenly decided it wasn't going to play nice with IE and so I can't just click to email anymore for some reason.

So, thanks again everyone for your support! :)

Michele said...

Lots of great comments :-) I'm going to have to watch that movie! But drink the juice? I'm going to have to think about that. Do what works best for you :-)

Second Chance Tan said...

Hi Sami

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Tanya x