Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Sqeeked in a Friday Finish!

I can count this finish as a finished UFO!  In 1998 my youngest brother was 4 years old and I bought the fabrics that I used in today's finish to make him a quilt.  I made him a twin sized Double Irish Chain and then I had some pieces cut out still but I put it all away and figured I'd make another quilt out of it someday.

I STILL have some of the fabric, probably enough for a baby quilt, but I'm going to put it all away again for someday.  Probably about 1/4 of the fabric was cut out already which meant ironing and ironing and ironing!  Amazing how wrinkly fabric can get and how well it holds the wrinkles and creases when it hasn't seen the light of day in over 10 years.

The pictures aren't great due to the fact that hubby had to take the quilt to work with him to give to the person who commissioned it, since it is for a baby shower on Sunday (and I didn't know I was even making the thing until Wednesday but didn't really start until Thursday after I had a chance to talk to her, luckily I cut it all out before I chatted with her though).  Anyway the quilt came out of the dryer, I had daughter snap 3 pics while hubby waited ever so patiently as he was on the way out the door.

Before the pictures though... I decided that I would ask for half what this size quilt would go for based on the formula that Diane posted in my comments about how to price quilts.  So at 52ish inches square here it is.

So all told, 5 finishes so far this year!  I'm so excited about this.  Last year I had a grand total of 3 finishes, so this is big!  That puts me 2 ahead of my goal of one finish per month and so far 4 of them were UFOs!

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Now to relax.  I'll clean up my wildly messed up sewing area tomorrow. :)


Richard Healey said...

Great finish. I have a Friday finish link page if you want to go link up. It is amazing how fast a quilt can go together when the rush is on. I am envious of all of you that have years ahead of me on quilting and can whip things up so quickly.

Connie said...

What a great little quilt! I made a baby quilt a few years ago with the same blue animal fabric and still have scraps so I just used some in my Bingo card! Thanks for linking!
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