Monday, May 21, 2012

Design... er... Bed Monday!

Tomorrow hubby is hauling home some "end" thingies from where he works because he claims they will make perfect work space for me in the sewing area.  I hope so!  I need somewhere to lay things out while I'm working.  Right now I use our bed and it gets to be a pain to walk back and forth all day long, assuming he isn't in the bed sleeping (he works graveyard).  The only thing is I'll have to clean house and move things to make room for what he's bringing me. 

So on to the design bed... I'm bordering my pink quilt.  I was going to call it Fight Like A Girl, but I am thinking that maybe by the time I'm done it might be Pink Overload. :D 

44.5inches x 47.5inches so far. I'm thinking another of the dark borders will use up all of that fabric that I have left, then some pink and white flying geese.. then another dark border then I'll see what happens!  I love the way it looks against my finished Gothic Nines quilt.

Sunday morning hubby went out and checked on the girls....

They've started capping honey in the top box and since he is trying to do this so it is most natural to the bees, he is going to harvest from the middle of the top box and add back frames as they cap the honey.  He doesn't want to use a queen excluder and as long as he checks them and makes sure the queen stays in the bottom box we should be able to steadily harvest what is in the top box for out use.  We've done SO much reading and reasearch on how to do this in a way that is best for the bees, yet allows us to have a honey harvest that is big enough for our family.  We use quite a bit of honey and I hate paying for it! :D

The second hive died during the winter.  We got a bad queen in that one so the hive was filled with drones. :(  If his current hive doesn't split on it's own then we'll likely order another bee package for next spring and try again with the second hive box, or try and produce our own queen and split the hive ourselves.  We have been doing some reading on how to do this and he says it should be easy enough to try.

Also my knitter hubby is making what he calls a scarf, but what I call a muffler:

Happy Monday, whatever you are up to!  Now, back to borders....

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DangAndBlast! said...

Liked your comment on a giveaway post, so clicked through - wow! fun quilt, and what a family you have!