Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Tried to Resist...

Really I did!  Two new lines of fabric that I can't seem to get out of my head have had me trying to figure out a way to get them.

As many of you know, recently the business I worked for changed hands.  I did not want to work for the new owner, mainly because I had such a positive experience with the team that we had and everyone else was leaving and moving on and I didn't want to be the only one left.  I like to choose my bosses, and even though the new owner seems nice, I really did not want to have to "start over".  Hubby is also much happier with me home, so to me it seemed like a no brainer since I would have time to use up my many yards of stash!

The down side to all of this is that I can no longer buy whatever I want fabric wise.  I allow myself a small weekly allowance for my small wants and needs.  With the price of fabric going no where but up, this means at most I can afford to purchase a yard or so of fabric, and forget about buying bundles of new lines.  Usually this does not bother me, but I fell in love with Summersville, and now with another new one that I can't remember the name for off the top of my head that is coming out in August (take a breath!!).  Anyway.. I can't just buy fabric just because I want it anymore.
( Found it!  "Mama Said Sew" by Sweetwater.)

This morning I had to order some Kona of a specific color for Bee blocks.  I wanted the free shipping (this is why I've been saving my 'allowance' for a couple of weeks so I could buy enough to get free shipping) so I chose the two prints of Summersville that I like the best:

And some Kona solids that will compliment them since I already have the quilt planned in my mind.  I figured there was no sense in counting on winning any so I better take matters into my own hands! LOL!  I told my daughter that I am going to save every penny I get between now and August so that I can get a fat eighth bundle or a fat quarter bundle of the other one.  Now I just have to go see if I can find it again since I forgot to bookmark the site where I saw it!

Back to work on my May Doll quilt swap quilt.  It is turning into one of those that will be hard for me to send on it's way!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! I have fallen in love with summersville, too! I NEED it, but am holding off buying anything for a while! WAiting for a sale!

quiltmania said...

Good for you for making the decision to stay at home, and good luck with the fabric budget. lol.

quilt happy said...

i know i am on a budget too

Kim said...

Your doll quilt is going in the mail tomorrow or should we just keep them and say we sent them? I love this one too :0)

Happy Sewing

Michele said...

I understand your struggle. I try to keep on a budget but have done very poorly of that lately. Now I'm determined to do better in the coming months. It is so hard but I already have the fabrics for enough projects to keep me busy for quite a bit, I should be able to resist better.