Friday, May 11, 2012

Marital Harmony Restored

Without going into to much detail...  When hubby starts needing a vacation he gets more and more surly.  Yesterday just before he left for work things went awry and he left mad and I went to bed mad.

Cue Mr. Sunshine and Blue Sky this morning.  When I stumbled into the kitchen this morning he was already home and warming up something so I wouldn't have to cook for him.  I put on a pot of water for tea and he hugged me and appologised for being a poop the last few days.  Usually I don't let his bad moods get to me since I know it is all about his work and nothing to do with me.

He was smiley and pointed to where he'd dropped my mail on the couch.  A box full of squishie goodness that I'd ordered had arrived along with an envelope from my BSA partner and there was a Walmart bag with something in it too.  I grabbed the stuff and moved it to the kitchen table and looked in the bag first. 

I had to ask.. "What's this?!"  He gave me the big brown eyed puppy dog look and said "It's a peace offering."  :D  He bought me my own digital camera so I don't have to keep borrowing his and my daughter's!!

I took the picture of my camera, with his camera, but then I took the rest of these with my new camera!

My Summersville is here!  The Kona solids I ordered to go with it are PERFECT!  Yay for accurate colors on my monitor.  Also I got some camo fish fabric for a quilt I'm making for someone that's a secret and my Kona Charcoal for Stash Bee blocks. 

Storm at Sea block from Cyndi!  I love it.  Sadly I'm not going to be doing BSA swap anymore for a while.  Her block is almost done and will be mailed on Monday/Tuesday.

And Tama.

Hubby brought me home a couple of new book shelves that I put in the living room and I took the 3 quilts that I am retiring since they are getting pretty tattered and made a nice looking stack, within minutes of me walking away Tama had claimed that spot as his new nap area.  Right now tIQa is up there but he's eyeing her like he might go kick her off.

Going to use today to finish up the doll quilt for DQM then I think I might start the Summersville quilt, even though I am not supposed to be starting new things till I finish old things but come on.. I can't get the Summersville and NOT start on it right away can I?! ;)

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Michele said...

Yeah for you. It is really nice to have your own camera. Enjoy it.