Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not Sew Weekend.....

This weekend I didn't get anything done on the D9P.  Lots and lots of distraction, but all good distraction!

Yesterday we had some company.  My husband built two picnic table sets for a friend of his and she was here for a while when she came to pick them up.  She also saw the D9P and gave it a very nice compliment!  :D

After that we did a lot of clean up in the main area of the house.  Since hubby doesn't have a shop everything gets hauled in from outside since he works on things on our smallish front deck that is half covered.  The addition where my sewing stuff is also houses all of his tools, our exercise equipment and other assorted things, along with some storage space.  There was literally sawdust completely through the house and once he got the tables and benches done they were "stored" in the living room until she had time to come pick them up.  Needless to say, I'm glad to be able to see my nice CLEAN dark cherry wood floors again. :D

After I finish this post I'm going to go out and work on the quilt for a while, maybe even finish it tonight, it is -that- close to done.

We all went and saw Avengers this afternoon in 3-D and it was SO good!  We all love the Marvel Comic movies.  We might go see it next weekend in 2-D just because 3-D causes me to miss a bit due to having to wear the glasses over my glasses... I think hubby had the same problem.  Plus all 4 of us liked it so much I don't think any of us would mind seeing it again.

Hubby is building our daughter a bookshelf for her room.  One day when I win the lottery we will have a bigger house (right now we live in about 1100 square feet) and one entire large room will be for her use as a library.  The girl loves her books and her room is so full of books on every surface and in many book shelves that it is starting to spill into the new shelving that we got for the living room for our books! :D

I'm also starting a stash report, starting now.  I'm not sure and I'm sure I don't want to try and count what I have on hand now, but I am trying very hard to be accountable for what I bring into the house and use way more than I bring in.  This D9P will have used about 7 yards out, but I guess I have to count that next week since it isn't officially done yet. Sooooo....

Stash Report

2 regular spools of thread in and that is all! 
Yes I am reporting thread because I have a REAL problem with buying pretty thread with no idea what I will use it for. ;)

I hope everyone had a lovely, if not productive, weekend.

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Pen Pen said...

You go Sami! I am trying to use up some stash too. My stash isn't huge like a lot of quilters, but I have bought quite a few pieces of fabric that I have had for a looong time. You know, just because I like them. (like the thread thing for you) I need to stock up on thread...I seem to always need to run out and buy more in the middle of a project. Do you use regular spools or do you buy the larger ones on a cone... I haven't quite decided how to use those.