Monday, June 11, 2012

Design Table & Squishies in the Mail!

This post will have a few more pictures than the usual.  When hubby got home yesterday morning he brought with him Saturday's mail.  We have a Post Office box since where we live there tends to be problem with having a mail box.  Kids like to knock them over... sort of like cow tipping maybe?

Back to the point though, hubby brought a squishy and a big box that were both addressed to me.

Marika from Live, Laugh, Love, Sew... participated in the SMS blog hop and even though I didn't win her drawing for that, at the same time she hit 200 followers and I did win the drawing for that!  She wasn't sure what she would send me and I always love surprises.  Well surprise me she did.

In the squishie was this...

And in that super cute drawstring pouch (which I LOVE!) was this:

And inside that ribbon were these (which I also LOVE!):

Now to decide what I will do with such lovlies!

In the travelling stash there is so much fabricy goodness and other things that I couldn't fit it all in one picture.  Let me tell you, this box is STUFFED full!  Here's a picture to whet your appetite.  I'll have the giveaway for this in a couple of days after I decide what I'm keeping and what I'm adding in.

Last but not least (at least not least to me) is what I'm working on today.  Quilting Pink Overload.  If I don't spend to much time outside fiddling around with gardening I can get the quilting on this done today!

On the design table are my Gothic Windows, which I sewed a bit on this weekend and Hubby's wolf quilt which I am QAYG my method.  I've got more ready to go on that I just have to figure out the layout.  It will be my next project to finish while working on the Gothic Windows when I get bored with it.

Happy Monday!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Woe - look at that stash box - oh can't wait for the posting. You have some lovely pieces in the works.