Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Borders Maybe

Yesterday I had every intention of getting started on borders on the Sherbet quilt top.  When I went out to start working on it I looked at my fabric shelf and remembered that I had only done one of my Bee/Round Robin/Charity block commitments and I should probably get cracking on more of them or they were not going to get done in time to get to people by the end of the month.

I ended up making Kristy's block for Stash Bee:

And I got one of the Mini Mystery Round Robin borders done.  The one that has to go to England next so it can be mailed today and hopefully get there by the end of the month.  The other MMRR one that I have to do I just got in the mail yesterday so I still don't know what I'm going to do on it.  I will likely work on it tomorrow, since today is all about getting some borders done so I have a flimsy to quilt as soon as I get done quilting Bowtie Deux.

My border progress so far:

Not bad for a morning's work.  The other checkerboards for the 3 other sides are all cut and being chain pieced now.  I'll probably fussy cut some round thingies from the fabric from the first border for the corners, maybe.  Then I'm thinking another border of the background colored fabric and then maybe some flying geese.  I LOVE how pieced borders look but I HATE making them, more time consuming than the quilt center usually but they always look so nice.


KristyLou said...

I love that block. Thanks so much. I cannot wait to receive it :)

Pen Pen said...

OMG! Your quilt top is almost done! It is so pretty! Those colors make me happy and the border is going to be wonderful.