Friday, August 31, 2012



So I've been gone for a couple of days and I come back and I have 150+ followers!  You know what that means? 

Another giveaway!

As soon as the Blog Hop Giveaway that I have up right now is drawn and over I'll post up a new giveaway to celebrate YOU, my followers!

Keep your eyes peeled!  My daughter is donating a couple of her beaded bracelets to the giveaway and I'll see what I can do about pulling some more of my faves from my stash.

I haven't been sewing as the turn in the weather is causing my bum hip to act up, so I'm doing a lot of relaxing in the recliner in between picking blackberries to get the jam season started.

See you all on Monday for the drawing for the Blog Hop giveaway and then on Tuesday for the new giveaway!

Have a great weekend!


Gingersnaps Quilts said...

Congrats ;)

Pen Pen said...

Congrats! What's wrong with your hip? I have hip ailments that flare up too. I have been told it's bursitis and I've been told it could be coming from my back. All I know, is that they hurt sometimes!!

Needled Mom said...

Nurse that hip!!! That IS a bummer!

Maxine said...

Congrats os so many followers!