Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pass It On Stash Box! *GIVEAWAY*

I won the Pass It On Stash Box from Cherise here (her pictures are much better than mine if you want to go take a look).

The box was at the post office yesterday in one of the nifty keyed boxes that they have and I must say, Cherise wasn't fibbing when she said this box is HEAVY with books.  Luckily, I have a daughter who just bought about $80 worth of fabric to make her first quilt (YaY!!) and she was interested in one of the books, and I grabbed a couple more of them since the quilts were easy but pretty.  Maybe once she makes one quilt she will have  caught the bug!

As I looked through the goodies I grabbed one of the charm packs of Heritage that was in there since I already had one that I bought at my LQS and I like it a lot and it is looking pretty with the other charms I've been collecting for my circles quilt top that I finally started! (YaY!! again)

I know.. you want to know what is in the box so you can decide whether you want a chance at it or not.  I have noticed that there aren't many takers for these boxes lately and maybe that is because of the cost to send them on.  This Post on Cherise's blog tells how you can save some money on shipping and get delivery confirmation into the deal, unfortunately I can't do that as I have a PO box and the mail man doesn't come near my house, but if you win you could maybe do this and this big box full of goodies would cost you less than $15 to ship.

Anyway, in the box there are still 3 or 4 books and all of the notions and that big spool of thread (I'd have grabbed it but I don't have a thread stand that will hold anything that big) and the zippers are all still in there too along with the patterns.

This is all going back in the box.  There was a lot of stuff I'd have liked to keep going back in the box.  I contained myself from being a fabri-hog.  The large piece on the left is a home decor fabric that I was thinking I could use as pillow backing for a couple of pillows I'm planning to make but I decided to put it back in the box since I have no idea when I'll get to making them.

This is what I kept, about 4 yards total and the charm pack (yes there were TWO of those lovelies in the box!).  The cactus/Mexico themed fabric will go perfect with little bits I've already collected for a special project, the blue fairy fabric will go with the bits I've collected for my Daughter's quilt (she is nearly 22 and still insists that she wants a quilt with fairies on it) and the other piece of Joel Dewberry (?) Riley Blake I just could not resist!

This is sort of a mixed plethora of stuff that is going in from my stash.  Two pieces are half pieces from other stash boxes that I had left after I added to the projects I kept them for so there is some stash in this stash now!  The rest is all stuff from my LQS or Fabric.com that I've gotten in the last couple of years.  Pieces range from just under a fat quarter up to a yard.  So I've replaced the 3 books we kept with extra fabric.  If you want more particulars on what books and patterns are in still in the box email me I'll be glad to take a detailed picture or make a detailed list for you.

So there it is.  If you would like to have this box come visit you there are a few guidelines:

1.  Be an active blogger. Post about receiving the box and the giveaway quickly after receiving it.
2.  There's a note in the box that logs where it's been. Please add your info and place the note back in the box.
3.  There's a list of Rules and Guidelines in the box. Please read and follow these and return the list to the box.
4.  You may take anything you like from the box. Just replace every item with comparable quilt shop qualityitems equal to the amount taken.
5.  Ship the box to the next person soon after the giveaway ends.
6.  Due to the amount of postage shipping is only within the USA.

If you would like to be in the running to get this box please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite winter thing is.  Mine is the fact that I can make soup as much as I want and the hubby won't complain.  The kids and I are all soup lovers, him, not so much but he does like it when it is really wet and miserable. :D  Especially if I make homemade biscuits or rolls to go with it.

I will leave comments open for this until Monday November 5, 2012 at around Noonish Pacific time.  


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm not fond of winters, but it is a great time for using the crock pot - oh, the smells of what is cooking just fills the house!

Wendy said...

My favorite thing of winter is being able to cook chili without being too hot to eat it! We love our chili...