Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Curves

Last night I decided that I would work 4 projects at a time.  I think that gives me enough difference that I won't get bored (provided I choose what I am working on wisely) and that way as I finish one project I can add another to the rotation.

Project #1 will be the Star Wars quilt.  I have to do the 1 3/4 checkerboards around all of the main blocks that will splice it all together then I am going to do a thin solid border and then a larger checkerboard border.  At that point I will see how big it is and decide where to go from there.  I plan to have this ready to quilt within the next 2 weeks.

Project #2 will be the Jacob's Ladder in Autumn colors that I started months ago.  It is about 1/2 done and should be easy enough to finish by the end of November since the quilting will be easy straight lines.

Project #3 is the one I will probably work on the most as I want it done by November 19 for the reveal for Mini Mystery Round Robin.  In February I was Queen bee for Stash Bee and I had my hive make red and black pineapple blocks.  The blocks came to me in all different sizes (a good tutorial writer I am apparently not... ) so I am going to spend some time getting them all to the same size either by trimming down a little or adding a row or two.  The colors in my MMRR mini quilt tops was black, red and white.  I have received one of the finished mini tops in the mail so far and await the other one.  I have decided to combine all of these received items into a large quilt for my bed.  My plan is to have it completely done by November 19, we'll see how I do.

Project #4 I decided will be the Drunkard's Path blocks that I have been slowly collecting charms for.  I actually cut and sewed 2 completed circle units yesterday and joined them:

Then this morning I did two more and joined them:

I figure if I do one or two circles per day I will have a quilt top in no time.  My plan is to have a pop of red in every block and then each 4 blocks will join to make a red "plus" in the middle.

So far I'm using Reunion and Heritage.  I'm sure as I go along I'll add at least one more charm pack and I'll have to cut charms in various reds from my stash so I have enough red. I've always wanted a quilt with curves in it but I do not like sewing curves and I am way to cheap to go buy the special foot to do them.  I'll get through it, they are not hard to sew, just slow and time consuming. 

I'm off to get the mail (hoping that the Traveling Stash I won is there, and that maybe my other mini quilt top is there also) and to mail out my center block for the Quilt You Be Mine Mini Mystery Round Robin.

I'm also watching the big storm that is beginning to wreak havoc on the other side of the country with as much trepidation as anyone who has friends and family over there.  If you are in the path of Sandy please be safe and if they tell you to evacuate, please heed the warnings. 


Jamie Lee said...

Such a pretty Sweetwater quilt. It's a good idea to make a few each day but I have a hard time doing that. I've noticed I get things done if I just work through from start to finish. I am lazy though lol!

Michele said...

I can't wait to see your final MMMRR quilt all done up. Good luck with getting it done by the 19th.

Mara said...

WOW, so many projects, good luck in all of them, I love the red idea, very cool.