Monday, February 11, 2013

Manic Monday?

When the alarm went off at 3:45 AM I really did not want to get out of bed.  Really. Did. Not.  As with most days when I have to set the alarm I worried all night that it wouldn't go off as it was supposed to and so, I woke up about 100 times to look at the clock to make sure we didn't have to be up yet.  Hubby had to be to work at 5:30 AM, hence why we had to get up so early.

I am not a morning person.  I never have been.  When I managed a fitness center I opened most days and I had to get up at 3 to be there by 4:30 and I did not enjoy it.  No matter how early you go to bed and how much sleep you get, no one should have to drag it out of bed before... what's a good arbitrary number?  7:30 AM.  I have decreed it!

Anyway.  I thought I would go back to bed after hubby left but I couldn't go back to sleep so after an hour I got up, had a cup of tea as I caught up reading blogs and email and I have decided that today I am not going to sew, I am going to clean.  Our family/hobby/junk room is WAY out of hand.  The only neat area is the area where I sew. It is time to go out, clean, mop, toss stuff and re-organize so that I'm not the only one who can work at their hobby.  I have tons of shelving that hubby keeps bringing home that just gets put out there and not used so I am going to remedy that today and move my sewing area so the space is being used more efficiently.

Yesterday Natasha said "Mom, we really should get my fabric for the quilt I'm making cut." She bought her fabric in August and I haven't said anything to her about it because I don't want her to feel like I'm forcing her to sew.  I know once she makes this first quilt (6.5 inch squares so easy and will go together fast) she will want to make others.  At least I hope so.  She drew what she wants out on graph paper before we went fabric shopping and then we spent about 2 hours at the LQS so she could find just the right colors and fabrics.  We got about half of it cut before the phone rang.  My Grandma called and after I chatted with her for about an hour Tasha's cutting momentum had been lost.  Here's her fabric.

The black and white are fairy frost which we both love. A lot!  The brights some have a gold glittery highlight to them.  I really think this quilt will be pretty.  I said something about FMQing it so she can learn that and I got 'the look'.  

"I'm straight line quilting in the ditch Mom."  she reminded me.  "But if YOU want to FMQ it then you can go right ahead!"

Nope.. she is making the whole quilt.  I am just there for moral support and to answer her questions.  Maybe when she wakes up I'll get her to cut the rest of it out while I clean.

The other thing that got accomplished yesterday was this for my hubby to use on his metal detecting/treasure hunting excursions:

He made a plastic insert and asked me if I could come up with a way to cover it and add a shoulder strap.  He used it yesterday afternoon and he said it worked perfect!  I told him I need to bedazzle the word "treasure" on the outside.  He didn't know if he liked that idea or not.  :-D

Well, I guess I better get my rear in gear.  Things aren't going to clean and re-organize themselves.  I wish they would!


JoAnne said...

I always wake repeatedly when the alarm is set early! Maybe you can catch a small catnap or something later--after the cleaning! It sounds like quite the project. I know that I would MUCH rather do some FMQ on a quilt than straight-line ditch stitching! I hope your daughter enjoys it. The fabrics are very pretty.

Rachel said...

TOO early, just saying, LOL. Love your daughter's fabrics. I hope she will share her quilt with "us". Cool bag for hubby!!

Michele said...

I really hope you got a lot accomplished on Monday. I've been neglecting our place a little too and am trying to correct that. But these days I'm so wishing for my own "Alice" from the Brady Bunch.