Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Selfish Sewing?

I didn't get to sew yesterday.  I somehow completely messed up my lower back.  I don't know how but as long as I'm not moving it doesn't hurt.  When I try to move.. let me just say YEOWCH!!

I don't know if I'll sew today.  My back is a little better but still hurts when I try to move, and bending over even an inch is a severe no go!

It might just be time to go to the doctor and ask her if we can do an MRI on my lower back to see if those disks that were a little degenerated years ago when I first hurt my back at work are even worse.  I am usually really careful about how I treat my back and if I get even a twinge I sit down and rest.  This time I don't even know what I did, one minute it was fine and the next I took a step and the pain started.

Getting older sure does stink!

I only have one side of flying geese left and they are all cut out and ready for me to stitch them up so I might do that since I only have to get up twice to press them.  We'll see how I feel once this Advil kicks in.

I hope everyone else is making more selfish progress than I am! 

I almost forgot... here are a couple of photos shared on Facebook.  These made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt! He really loved his quilt.

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